UNTHA Shredding Technology GmbH

Success Story

A future-proof communication solution for UNTHA Shredding Technology GmbH, the dependable specialist for shredding technology

UNTHA is an international company near Salzburg, Austria, and is a world-leading specialist for shredding technology. To help staff work more efficiently and to offer customers better service, a reliable, future-proof and fail-safe communication solution was needed at the head office.

The Task

UNTHA is a successful company that has enjoyed steady growth and its communication solution needed to keep pace too. However, the existing system reached its limit and could not be expanded for additional users. The technology was outdated  and the changeover to a new operating system meant that phones connected to PCs via USB were repeatedly malfunctioning. Some employees were unable to access the CRM database to view supplier and customer information, which delayed workflows and service delivery. The time and expense of re-installing drivers and adapting to the hardware or software used meant that there was an imbalance in terms of net economic benefit. So, the management wanted a modern communications solution to gradually replace the existing one, to reflect the same core competency of the UNTHA brand itself: reliability.

The Solution

After comparing several offers, UNTHA chose the communications experts MEHOKO Meinhart & Heldele GmbH. Their fast on-site support, personal contacts, and proven expertise with Atos Unify solutions were decisive. Following the needs analysis, the successful changeover to the All-IP system Atos Unify OpenScape Business X8 took place, which is integrated in the new, air-conditioned server room with sophisticated cabling and the latest technology. The devices are connected directly to the new, fail-safe server. To optimize internal workflows, the office workstations were equipped with the powerful unified communications suite and new Atos Unify OpenScape desk phones. Reception works with the myAttendant application for improved customer service. And so that staff can work efficiently when they are on the move, they can now use the “myPortal to go” app on their mobile devices, providing almost every convenient UC feature that they are familiar with from the PC desktop.

The Benefits

The new ALL-IP system Atos Unify OpenScape Business X8 perfectly combines new and existing communication technology and enables smart upgrades to new hardware components and software solutions. The changeover took place  gradually as requested – without any major training needed for the IT department. The new communication architecture can grow flexibly with the company and with low follow-up costs. The UC-based functions make it easier for staff to work – even when they are on the move. Internal communication workflow was optimized with a new and sophisticated call number concept. And reception staff have a convenient tool with myAttendant, which optimally connects telephone functions with the UC functions in Atos Unify OpenScape Business, so they can respond to customer queries quickly and efficiently.

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