St. Francois County Joint Communications

Success Story

Missouri counties modernized their emergency services technology to support mobile devices and future applications.

St. Francois County Joint Communications, a consolidated dispatch center in rural southeast Missouri, saw NG9-1-1 as the path to the future when it needed to replace an out-of-date analog system. The center needed a solution that could meet current standards for call delivery, including better support for wireless callers, and quickly adapt to evolving requirements.

The challenge

The nation’s emergency call system is facing a crisis of its own – aging, obsolete infrastructures that weren’t designed to accommodate today’s wireless mobile society. Next-generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) has emerged to adapt emergency communication services to the needs of a technology-dependent populace, providing the ability to transmit text, images, video and data to 9-1-1 public safety answering points (PSAPs).

The solution

St. Francois County became the first agency in the U.S. to implement Atos’ OpenScape First Response system and network services, including:

  • OpenScape Voice unified communications that allow 9-1-1 centers to receive and accept calls from different sources (voice, video, SMS, social networks, apps and instant messaging)
  • GEMMA (Global Emergency Management), Atos’ end-to-end emergency management solution
  • Managed network services connecting five PSAP locations across the St. Francois County 9-1-1 service area
  • Migration to a new facility
  • Up-to-date, ruggedized tablets and laptops for the field.

Business benefit

OpenScape First Response accommodates changes in communications technologies to optimize resources, reduce response times and improve reliability. For St. Francois County, new capabilities include:

  • Support for current and future call-delivery standards
  • Ability for any dispatcher to log in and answer calls from any PSAP
  • Detailed location information on wireless callers
  • Single, integrated platform for NG9-1-1 workflow management
  • Turnkey network management yielding 50 percent savings over the legacy vendor.

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