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Versatile, scalable and future-proof – the newly installed communications solution for Rimaplan AG

Rimaplan AG is a land and property development company, which works with both private and institutional investors. Clients are offered one-stop comprehensive construction management services. Therefore, the company’s new communications system also need- ed to be a one-stop, all-in-one solution and just as comprehensive.

The Challenge

From project development and implementation all the way to the marketing of outstanding real estate, Rimaplan AG is a company you can always rely on. The same couldn’t be said of their current telephone communications system. The technology was in need of renewal and increasingly required maintenance. External and cross-location telephone costs were disproportionately high and modern features could no longer be implemented. In addition, the Swisscom ISDN network being used was due to be shut down in September 2019 and a move to new business location was also pending. So that the connection wouldn’t be lost from one day to the next, managers looked for a strong communications partner and a future-proof, complete solution that had the potential for long-term expansion.

The Solution

The comprehensive all-round concept provided by long-standing Unify partner Teleinformatik impressed Rimaplan AG the most. It was the well thought-through, step-by-step process for migrating to the new system that management appreciated above everything else. To ensure seamless accessibility following the move to new business premises, the Atos Unify OpenScape Business X3 was first installed at the main location. The two other locations in Pfäffikon and Zug were subsequently connected to the ITC network remotely. Further, the IT infrastructure was reduced from 17, partly redundant, servers to just 7. Finally, existing conference telephones with ISDN and other existing terminals were connected to the hybrid solution. The last step was then for Teleinformatik to set up modern UC functions and show employees how they could now tackle their work more easily.

The Benefits

The decisive advantage of Atos Unify OpenScape Business X3 is that it bundles all communication channels into one hybrid system. The all-in-one solution features various interfaces, meaning that Rimaplan AG was able to use its existing terminals with traditional technology as well as innovative new SIP phones. As a result, employees can continue to work as usual with existing fax machines and conference telephones but also make the most of the new possibilities offered by state-of-the-art UC communication. For example, employees can now be reached anytime and anywhere with their extension number – the specific app on their mobile devices makes this possible on the go. Plus, they can  now access internal data bases, redirect calls, plan web conferences and communicate with colleagues from their home office, as well as from any construction property site.

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