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Success Story

Otto Group Portfolio of companies exploits benefits of communication services from the private cloud

With 123 major companies in its portfolio, the Otto Group markets a wide range of products that are distributed via a large number of sales channels. In order to enhance the agility of these independently operating companies, Otto Group’s IT decision-makers opted for a communication solution from Unify featuring multi-tenant capabilities.

The Task

  • Deployment of an IP communication solution with multi-tenant capabilities
  • Modernization of the communications infrastructure
  • Integration of telephony functions into Microsoft Lync
  • Greater flexibility and lower operating costs
  • Support for new services, such as telecommuting, that embody Otto Group’s company-wide mission (“The Power of Responsibility”)
  • Use of open standards that allow for connection with additional systems and equipment.

The Solution

  • Atos Unify OpenScape Voice including SIP trunking
  • Around 5,200 OpenStage telephones
  • Atos Unify OpenScape Xpressions for unified messaging
  • Atos Unify OpenScape Mobile for iOS/Android
  • Atos Unify OpenScape UC Application
  • Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center
  • Atos Unify OpenScape Concierge attendant console
  • Integration of Atos Unify OpenScape functions into Microsoft Lync
  • Managed Service

The Benefits

  • A multi-tenant-capable IP communication solution hosted in the Otto Group’s data center (private cloud)
  • Standardized deployment of communication services
  • Future-proof system architecture based on open standards
  • Lower operating costs due to central administration
  • Faster communication processes thanks to the One Number Service
  • Greater ability to balance work and private life owing to the provision of home office technology
  • Reduction in maintenance and operating costs
  • Support for future.
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