Muncipality of Wageningen

Success Story

Unique. Award-Winning Fixed-Mobile solution for the Municipality of Wageningen

Telecom Services, a provider of business, fixed, mobile, UC, Cloud, and communications solutions, has implemented a unique Atos Unify “Forced-on-PBX” Fixed-Mobile telephone solution for the Municipality of Wageningen.

The Task

Wageningen is a city of liberation, a city of life sciences, and a city fostering an international, social, creative and sustainable flair. The many international students lend the city an air of international sophistication. As a City of Life Sciences, Wageningen strives to ensure quality of life in the broadest sense of the word. For example, through innovations in the fields of nutrition and healthcare.

It is therefore quite fitting that the Municipality of Wageningen opted for a telephony solution that is not just special but also unique in the Netherlands, even in Europe. Prompted by the refurbishment of various sites, the Municipality’s remit was to switch over to a communications “Mobile, unless…” solution for 500 users, where employees would no longer have a fixed workplace and would only use smartphones. In this way, the Municipality employees would no longer be tied to a fixed workplace at one of the three sites, and they could also work from home.

The Municipality therefore issued an invitation to tender and opted for Telecom Services for the fixed telephony part of the tender, and T-Mobile for the mobile network.

The Solution

In collaboration with Atos Unify and T-Mobile, Telecom Services developed a Forced-on-PBX solution for the Municipality of Wageningen, with the aim of supporting all features available on the Atos Unify OpenScape Business platform for mobile users, while ensuring complete Fixed- Mobile convergence.

The Benefits

The key benefits of the Forced-on-PBX solution are that users can view their colleagues‘ status at any time and all call traffic can be managed from one central location.

In addition to this fully integrated Fixed-Mobile solution, users can also enjoy all possible call features.

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