LPR Optimizes Hotline Service with Unify Office

Success Story

System update replaces a compromised solution – LPR moves to communication service from the cloud

With Unify Office by RingCentral, communications functions are now available to LPR employees quickly and easily from anywhere – whether in the office, working from home or out and about. The cloud-based solution provides intelligent call center functionality and has replaced their on-premise phone system. For LPR, this decision also means success in terms of economics.


  • Replacement of the on-premises phone system, including contact center infrastructure
  • Timely provision of a cloud-based solution, needed within a few weeks
  • Fail-proof contact center functionality for hotline service
  • Seemless introduction of hybrid workplaces
  • Reporting and usage analyses
  • Uncompromising data protection through a commitment to European standards
  • Support and advice from a competent partner.


  • Unify Office by RingCentral as a scalable cloud communications solution
  • No long-term commitment, typical with on-premises hardware investments
  • Use of business telephony functions independent of location
  • Flexibility to support high call volumes and many connected users
  • Intelligent call center functionality
  • High availability and failover reliability.


  • Integrated communications services for office, at home and when out and about
  • Call management and redirection for optimum reachability
  • Simple administration
  • Problem-free integration of hybrid and work-from-home workplaces
  • Analysis functions for informed personnel deployment planning
  • Lower operating costs.
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