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Even in peak periods, Unify Office ensures Loxam connects with their customers

Closer to customers – always available, even in peak periods

Loxam, a construction machinery and equipment rental company, strives to ensure every customer inquiry is answered, especially during times of great demand. After only 6 months of deployment, and with only a select number of features implemented thus far, it’s clear: Loxam’s investment in Unify Office has already paid off.


  • Relieve the pressure on consultants in rental stations while fully addressing customer inquiries, even during peak periods
  • Capture and leverage a customer database for an active, customer-centric approach
  • Help improve business stability beyond seasonal peaks
  • Consolidate the telephony contract landscape


  • Set a strong communication foundation with Unify Office: a highly scalable, cloud-based platform
  • Start by integrating 20 rental stations and 150 user profiles and efficiently onboard further rental stations on a continuous basis
  • Establish efficient and flexible call management workflows and implement Loxam’s own Customer Service Center
  • Integrate Salesforce for easy access and updating of client data
  • Begin telephony contract consolidation to a single, uniform cloud service


  • Customer inquiries are efficiently and flexibly distributed, helping to reduce lost calls, even during seasonal peak periods
  • Reduced operating costs with telephony contract consolidation
  • Easy-to-use, centrally managed platform functionality means better adoption and ROI
  • Better leverage customer data for outbound activities (e.g. promotional offers to drive business outside of high demand periods)
  • Full solution break-even point achieved after less than six months
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