JSC Kolomensky Zavod

Success Story

Modernization and expansion of the communication system

JSC Kolomensky Zavod is a leading manufacturer of modern mainline passenger locomotives and electric locomotives, as well as diesel engines for railway transport, shipbuilding, small and nuclear power. The Kolomna Plant is a part of Transmashholding JSC, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of railway equipment. The modern, dynamically developing enterprise has been successfully working in the field of transport machine building for more than 155 years.

The Kolomna plant has the advantage of its own unique design and technological developments, as well as an innovative approach to organizing production. Currently, the plant is implementing a program for technical re-furbishing of production, which is planned for the years 2018-2022. The transformation is designed to create a center of competence for Transmashholding in the field of diesel engineering at the Kolomna plant. Along with the reconstruction of the production facilities, the building of the Engine Engineering Center of TMH is in preparation to be commissioned.

The Task

The challenge included modernization of capacities and expansion of the industrial base of  “Kolomensky plant”, with modern standards of work to provide reliable, uninterrupted and modern communication with all services across the enterprise.

The existing PBX did not allow the company to use modern types of digital endpoints supporting the whole range of communications services, including notebooks, video calls and unified communications. Every year it imposed more and more restrictions on the organization when it became necessary to purchase new endpoints – both for the expansion of the PBX subscriber base, and when replacing the failed telephones (including as a result of natural wear and tear).

The company needed to migrate the communication system without interrupting the technology processes, and therefore the role of the contractor was appointed to an experienced partner of Unify namely SIS Incorporated JSC.

The Solution

As requested by the company, the specialists of JSC “SIS Incorporated” carried out the modernization of their telephone communication systems. The experience of working with Atos’ range of solutions allowed the contractor to complete the migration work without stopping the technological processes. The dismantled CSPCI server was replaced by new ECOservers with Atos Unify OpenScape 4000 V8 software. Fourteen weeks passed from the final stage of the project preparation to the completion of the project with the new solution being put into full operation.

In order to maintain the continuity of the services and preserve the investments already made, the modernization of JSC “Kolomna Plant” was carried out selectively. To implement the project, it was not necessary to replace all electronic components of the communication platform. In fact, only the management servers were upgraded, and the subscriber phones, most of the crossover equipment and management computers remained the same.

All subscriber licenses have been upgraded to a universal type, with the option to connect any combination of analog, digital and IP-phones, along with the ability to activate unified communications and collaboration services.

Further, new capabilities are now being adopted; in particular, the customer is now using IP technologies to deploy new operator workstations.

Under a special software support program Unify, all updates and version changes within three years will be installed on the upgraded platform without additional cost. Therefore, the investment in the new system at JSC Kolomna Plant will be maintained and supported for at least the next three years, for greater investment protection.

The Benefits

Replacing communications management servers, reprogramming electronic components, and upgrading
licenses to Atos Unify OpenScape 4000 V8 offered the customer the following advantages:

    • Replacing critical system components, the failure of which could have caused communication systems to fail indefinitely due to the lack of spare parts;
    • Increased efficiency, reliability and safety of voice communications;
    • Maximum preservation of the telephone communication equipment already in use;
    • The option to use modern digital or IP telephone sets with additional functions;
    • Expand the telephony platform capacity;
    • Receiving full support and the subsequent free upgrade of the used equipment within threeyears (installation of new patches, upgrade to the next version);
    • Leverage the already accumulated skills to operate the new solution, as specialists will work with similar hardware equipment, applications, terminal equipment and programming systems.

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