Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS)

Success Story

Empowered staff, patients and 27% efficiency savings result from hospital district’s Atos Unify OpenScape expansion

With 20 separate health institutions serving 1.6 million people, Finland’s largest hospital district, Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS), is now expanding various Atos Unify OpenScape solutions first installed four years ago in one hospital to four more. The goal is to migrate all 20 facilities onto a single communications source: Unify.

The Task

  • Expand state-of-the-art IP based nurse call, patient entertainment and related communication systems to other district hospitals.
  • Standardize communications services among all 20 facilities within the enterprise.
  • Replace a number of disparate PBXs with a single, unified wired/wireless Local Area Network (LAN) within all institutions.
  • Create an easier working environment for all clinical and support staffs for greater job satisfaction and enhanced patient care.
  • Use advanced communications to give patients a greater feeling of participation in their care; enhance the institution’s public image to encourage more admissions.
  • Migrate IP voice and eventually UC to the HUS contact center and nationwide Poison Information Center to better accommodate rapidly increasing call volume.

The Solution

  • Atos Unify OpenScape Exchange platform for voice initially deployed at the recently-built HUS Triangle Hospital.
  • Complemented by Atos Unify OpenScape Health Station HiMed bedside entertainment and information solution, voice-enabled nurse call system via Atos Unify OpenScape Alarm Response (OScAR), and WLAN handsets for each nurse.
  • Atos Unify OpenScape operating across entire hospital IP system via wireless LAN linked to bedside terminals and staff handheld devices.
  • Expansion of Atos Unify OpenScape Exchange platform from original deployment to four more HUS hospitals.
  • Addition of 385 Health Station HiMed ‘cockpits’ with 12” screens in four hospitals.
  • Addition of 420 new MediSET IP phone handsets.
  • Extend original Managed Service contract to cover added facilities.

The Benefits

  • More free time for nurses to handle tasks; wireless connection via personal handsets lets them better manage patient calls.
  • State-of-art bedside terminals give patients access to broad entertainment options and improved links to family and friends.
  • Web, video call, social media and other channels through single bedside display conveys futuristic image.
  • One all-encompassing ICT supplier across multiple technologies equals greater productivity and lower frustration for IT staff.
  • Improved mobility and working conditions for staff.
  • Easy migration of IP voice to hospital’s extensive contact center operation.
  • Cost efficiencies through free calls for staff to mobile devices via the internal IP network.
  • Total maintenance savings of over 20% in four years with more than 5% year-on-year savings.
  • Increased call volume at contact center by 300%.
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