Group Cash Levante

Success Story

Unified Communications That Accelerates Group Cash Levante’s Business

Atos Unify Certified Partner Telefon Rad Helps consumer good distributor Group Cash Levante streamline communications and improve customer service.

The Task

Group Cash Levante needed to find a communication system that integrated all of their extended network of centers with their on- premise infrastructure, to meet these business goals:

  • Agility and speed in customer response and service
  • Integrate with existing legacy equipment and systems
  • Position for growth with enabling communications solutions

The Solution

An audit of the communications systems of Group Cash Levante was conducted in collaboration with the Atos Unify Certified Partner Telefon Rad, with the objective to:

  • Detect existing deficiencies and opportunities for improvement
  • Design an action plan to enable the company to reach more clients
  • Integrate all their employees within a common collaboration and communication system

In the end, it was decided to consolidate the telecommunication operations upon Atos Unify’s OpenScape Business X5R platform, and to implement Circuit cloud-based team collaboration across the business.

This was complemented by MyPortal for Microsoft Outlook within the office management group, and MyPortal Mobility for the commercial and logistics network.

The Benefits

The investment made by Group Cash Levante benefits from the cost savings achieved by the reduction on the billing from the service provider operators, thanks to the Atos Unify Services from Telefon Rad.

These efficiencies include a reduction of mobile lines, fewer landlines, and avoiding other duplication of services. The financial benefit is then amplified once the initial investment is paid off within two years, where the they will see incremental savings compared to the typical pay-by-use model of their current existing service contracts.

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