EMS Les Vergers

Success Story

Bespoke, scalable and future-proof

The new communications system solution for the retirement and nursing home EMS Les Vergers

EMS Les Vergers is a recently opened retirement and nursing home in the municipality of Aproz near Nendaz, Switzerland. It offers senior citizens a modern retirement residence with comprehensive, reliable medical and social services, all tailored to their needs. Therefore, the communications system needs to be just as reliable and extensive.

The Challenge

EMS Les Vergers retirement home places great focus on reliable all- round medical and social care for its residents. To support this focus across the home’s spacious premises, a modern and fail-safe communications solution is essential. Whether in the underground car park, at the front desk, or in the home’s wooded park, employees need to be reachable at all times. Management also requested senior- friendly, easy-to-operate landline phones for the home’s 75 single rooms. This, in turn, necessitated a transparent data export system which would record the call costs  of every connection separately. The solution also needed to be future- proof and scalable to ensure easy and flexible extension of the system when required, while offering critical features today such as an out-of-office welcome message with emergency option, which puts the caller directly through to a contact person when required, and a video intercom with a secure night-desk notification system.

The Solution

After comparing several service providers, EMS Les Vergers  decided in favor of the new Atos Unify integration partner, AT-Solution. In addition to the company’s presence in Aproz and, as a result, its fast on-site service, the experienced IT specialists impressed with a bespoke solution, which more than met the given requirements: Atos Unify OpenScape Business X8. The All-IP-enabled system was installed completely new, including all connections and cabling, in just 5 weeks with the support of long-term Atos Unify distributor, Alltron AG. A diverse selection of devices connect to the central system, including 75 analog phones for all senior resident rooms, 16 Atos Unify OpenScape DECT mobile stations for care staff, and 11 state- of-the-art Atos Unify OpenScape SIP devices at fixed points such as the front desk, back office and day rooms. The EMS communications solution was rounded off with the  installation of Atos Unify OpenScape Accounting, an Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center, as well as a video intercom  with practical PSDN dialer.

The Benefits

Satisfaction all around

The key advantages of EMS Verger’s new Atos Unify OpenScape Business X8 All-IP system are clear to see. It combines existing technologies (analog connections) with new possibilities (SIP telephony) and can be extended up to 500 users. Therefore, it’s the ideal solution for making any future extension of the premises possible. The easy-to-use room phones allow residents to comfortably call friends and family whilst the nursing staff are reachable across the entire site via reliable mobile DECT devices. Outside of regular business hours,  all calls are directed to the central Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center, which plays a welcome message that can be interrupted at any point in case  of an emergency when a connection to a direct contact person is required. Also, the night desk is informed about every ring of the doorbell via the PSTN dialer on the video intercom.

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