Electricity System Operator

Success Story

Atos Unify OpenScape 4000 system ensures secure, reliable communications between electrical customers and service technicians — without the threat of crossed wires.

When it comes to supplying electricity to an entire nation, there’s no room for miscommunication, which is why Bulgaria’s electrical system operator chose Atos Unify and TEKO AD to ensure customers and technical staff were making the right connections.

Out with the old, in with the new

The electricity provider was using an outdated hardware-based PBX (private branch exchange) to manage phone calls both within and from outside the organization.The old system was installed in 2002 and Electricity System Operator EAD (ESO) was having difficulty sourcing the spare parts required to keep the phone system operational. In addition, its functionality was extremely limited and unable to meet the demands of this day and age.

ESO needed a new system with IP (internet protocol) functionality and touch screen terminals in order to improve service and meet user expectations. It also needed to support the session recording protocol (SIPREC) and active call recording to comply with quality control requirements.

To identify partners able to satisfy these requirements, ESO issued a public tender for the design and deployment of a new, upgraded telecommunication system to support its five dispatching centers.

The power of partnership

Atos Unify partner TEKO AD is a Bulgarian company that specializes in the design, delivery, installation and complete after sales service of telecommunication systems and networks. TEKO offers complete solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, including the construction of structured cabling systems and office equipment including servers, computers, video surveillance, access control and telephone exchanges.

TEKO’s proposal to ESO was based around the Atos Unify OpenScape IP communication system, a convergent solution that provides integrated workflows, high reliability, high security, powerful performance capabilities and cost-effective unified communication options for any enterprise.

The unifying factor

Atos Unify OpenScape 4000 offers a wide range of user terminals, mobility tools, peripheral solutions, unified communications, as well as standards-based integration and interaction with critical business applications and systems. The solution features are complemented by an integrated administration system and a powerful set of system management applications that are easy to use and provide ample opportunities to system administrators.

With its modularity, the availability of scalable access points, software-based branches, and support for analog, TDM or IP networks, OpenScape 4000 is an excellent solution for phased development and integration into any IT infrastructure.

TEKO installed OpenScape in a redundant configuration on proprietary OpenScape 4000 EcoServer servers. In addition, TEKO built the solution to address ESO’s specific needs, incorporating a number of other systems.

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