Success Story

Datrix Embraces New Ways to Work with Atos Unify’s Circuit

Circuit delivers dynamic knowledge sharing, flexibility and higher productivity to Datrix.

The Task

Established over 20 years ago, Datrix prides itself on delivering innovative end-to-end network and communications solutions, expert consultancy and professional managed IT services for customers across the private and public sectors, from Mid- Market and Enterprise organizations, through to some of the UK’s largest and most demanding Healthcare, Higher Education and Central Government environments.

Due to the complex nature of Datrix’s enterprise focused work, it employs some of the most experienced and qualified technical experts in the industry. Many of these employees, as is the case with the majority of sales and services led businesses today, are “anywhere workers.” These Datrix employees are often required to work together on complex enterprise class bids. Being in different locations and having to use multiple applications has in the past caused issues with version control and a lack of continuity when working on bids. Knowledge sharing amongst experts was impeded due to locality. To drive dynamic knowledge sharing, higher productivity, decrease human error and give their employees the opportunity to realize a better work/life balance, Datrix recognized that it had to find a collaboration solution. The business embarked on trialing numerous other collaboration platforms and products, but in the end Datrix selected Atos Unify’s Circuit.

The Solution

Circuit has been developed with the modern employee in mind and revolutionizes mobile collaboration and communication, bringing together high-quality voice, video, real-time document editing and management, messaging and file sharing into a single view, across an entire team. Having a ‘single pane of glass’ view of all their information, Datrix’s anywhere workers are able to connect and engage with each other using their smartphones, laptops, desktops or tablets – regardless of location. As a WebRTC-based application, available through a Software-as-a-Service model, Circuit also proved quick and easy to install. In fact, the entire business was up and running on Circuit within 24-hours.

The Benefits

Circuit provides Datrix’s employees with access to seamless voice and video calling, presence and instant messaging, a variety of mobile features and options, all from a single solution. This rich functionality of Circuit enables Datrix to make better, faster decisions, and build cohesiveness amongst team members, no matter the place or time.

Beyond the flexibility and agility that Circuit delivers, it also adds security to Datrix’s operations. As a WebRTC- based application, Circuit relies on a secure web browser, using the WebRTC protocol for real-time communications sessions. This ensures that all Datrix’s conversations with other Circuit users are encrypted and secure.

In terms of the future, Datrix, which is also an Atos Unify Premier Partner, is currently engaging their subcontractors and partners in Circuit trials to help them to realize the benefits of collaboration.

Mahmood Chaudhri, Managing Director at Datrix, comments, “There are numerous collaboration platforms in the market, but none of them as comprehensive as Circuit. In my 28 years in this industry, no other product has had this much positive impact on a business I’ve been involved in. It was operational in less than a day and provides Datrix’s employees with the ability to truly collaborate, share knowledge and increase productivity. In the last month, we’ve used Circuit to help us to respond to five major bids. It dynamically connected sector experts and bid managers in real-time to work together to create the best possible outcomes, even when they have found themselves hundreds of miles apart. Circuit delivers seamless collaboration and lets us concentrate on our business!”

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