Clinique Saint-Jean Brussels

Success Story

New contact center technology helps the Clinique Saint-Jean to dramatically improve its customer service

With an upgrade to Atos Unify OpenScape 4000 and implementation of a centralized Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center, the Clinique Saint-Jean found a telephony solution to meet the needs of both patients and general practitioners.

In addition, the ability to analyze all call data allows for better identification of patient profiles and more efficient deployment of staff.

The Task

The Clinique Saint-Jean’s medical secretary staff had to handle multiple tasks at once, including managing patients arriving for appointments, and phone calls for information and appointments from both patients and doctors. At times they were unable to maintain an acceptable response time for their phone calls. As a result, one in two calls went unanswered. In addition, administrators did not have a call forecasting or measurement tool, which made it a challenge to prepare for activity spikes, such as on the day following a holiday.

The Solution

  • Atos Unify OpenScape 4000 and centralized Atos Unify OpenScape Contact Center with skills-based routing to streamline call management and manage staffing based on the analysis of call data.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) module to guide calls through the contact center and direct any medical questions to the relevant hospital service.
  • Number recognition to route doctors’ calls to a separate flow.
  • Integration of text messaging to send reminders and preparatory information, as well as online requests for reminders.
  • Intelligent call routing to ensure callers are connected to an appropriate member of staff.

The Benefits

The Atos Unify OpenScape solution allowed medical secretary staff to reduce the number of unanswered calls to 13% in 2015 (a significant reduction from the previous 50% unanswered call rate in some services). The contact center has set the goal of limiting the number of lost calls to a maximum of 5%, with a service level of 70-30 (70% of calls are answered within 30 seconds).

Data analysis enables staffing levels to be based on anticipated call flows. A survey showed that satisfaction levels regarding call services increased significantly, for general practitioners as well as patients. Clinical services staff can concentrate on their medical tasks, knowing that pertinent calls will reach them and contact center agents, working in a pleasant environment, are able to address each caller in an appropriate and friendly way through skills-based routing. The Clinique Saint-Jean has also been recognized as illustrating a measurable common way of work and best practice.

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