Success Story

The telephone system of international camping company ACSI is ready for the future

Since Quyx re-commissioned the Atos Unify Openscape Business X8, monitoring of telephone traffic has improved significantly at ACSI. The company now also makes use of all the possibilities of the telephone exchange; both ISDN and SIP-lines, traditional devices and IP-devices. Wireless telephones and smartphones are both used interchangeably. Employees use the Unify-app to integrate mobile telephones.

“Thanks to the renewed commissioning of the Atos Unify Openscape Contact Center by Quyx we can now map the number of telephone lines, as well as waiting times, peak times, average call duration and the reason why someone is calling us”, says Corma Meijer, manager Customer Contact Center at ACSI. The ACSI telephone system was not working as it should because it had not been commissioned optimally. “Apart from many telephone calls being lost, there were also problems with the input for the system and the plug-in cards.”

Telephone traffic conducted via a central location

ACSI is aimed at the camping sector in the widest sense of the word: it provides caravan insurances, acts as tour-operator, creates camping guides and it is the owner of several campsites. The head office is in Andelst and a second branch is located in Rotterdam. ACSI also has smaller offices in a number of other countries. All locations make use of the central communications platform in Andelst. ACSI employs a total of about 200 persons and more than a quarter of these work in sales and the call-centre, so it is highly dependent on a well-functioning telephone system with a high level of contactability. People also work from Italy, Germany and France, and these too are connected to the central hub.

Increased customer satisfaction

It was an absolute necessity for ACSI to put the investment that was made in Unify Openscape Business X8 to good use. ACSI employed Quyx, a company specialised in telecoms and data networks, to optimise the telephone contactability and integrate mobile devices. This delivered several improvements.

“Our capacity, staffing and opening times have been optimised because now we know how many calls come in at what times. Incoming telephone traffic comes mainly from existing customers. The new communications solution has therefore contributed to larger customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. ”Quyx provided for a sound commissioning of the existing system and combined this with a number of extensions including new firmware. Quyx updated the system with a booster server running the Unify Openscape Contact Center.

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Easy communication with the chat function

ACSI answers its customers in 8 languages. The aim is to handle this traffic locally as much as possible (in the country concerned). Technically, telephone traffic is run via the Contact Center in the Netherlands.

The central call centres in Andelst and Rotterdam work with a central wallboard (next to the individual  user applications). The Contact Center Agents communicate with each other via the chat function in de application. A link has been created to an external database; based on the country code and the skills of an agent, calls are being routed to the correct queue and language. MyReports allows for extensive reporting from a closed database within the exchange. The Atos Unify system is now running optimally and it is ready for years more service.

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