Unify Session Border Controller

Connect teams and secure their communications

Packet sniffers. Spoofs. Rootkits. Trojans. Worms. Black hats. Isn’t it time to seriously secure your unified communications?

Smart security for anywhere workers

Your team is securely behind the safety barrier around your network. Out there the bad guys are looking to exploit even the smallest vulnerability. You have to keep things safe without stifling communications.

Unify OpenScape Session Border Controller is next generation security for unified communications. Its robust state-of-the-art design provides bulletproof protection for the SIP trunking to your network, remote offices and even home workers. Quietly, in the background. No drama. No mistakes.

Next Gen

Next-Gen Unify Session Border Controller for Unify OpenScape Voice and Unify OpenScape 4000


Supports up to 50,000 remote users and 8,000 simultaneous SIP Sessions


Combines with Unify OpenScape UC Firewall to provide meet Public sector security requirements


Fits into virtualized architecture (VMware), delivered as a vApp

make larger

Supports centralized and distributed SIP Trunking architectures

Success Stories

SIP Session licensing purchased in single units matching exactly network resource planning requirements


Designed for easy serviceability – zero touch maintenance


Licensing options – Permanent (CAPEX), Subscription (OPEX)

Extensible. Encrypted. Redundant. Integrated

Unify OpenScape Session Border Controller is a data center-ready virtualized security application. It safely extends your applications beyond the network boundary, to where your teams work.

Fully encrypted algorithms monitor connections and attacks. Optional redundancy assures business continuity. Common integrated management makes it a “zero touch” application once deployed.

Constant, fail-safe, cost-effective protection of your UC network. Keep your anywhere workers safe. Keep your network strong.

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Unify OpenScape Session Border Controller

Start with the right platform. Unify OpenScape SBC is a next generation session border controller that enables Unify OpenScape SIP-based communication and applications to be securely extended beyond the boundaries of an enterprise network.

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