Wireless Phones

Unlock the power of mobility—wherever your team needs to be

Mission-critical communications in hard-to-reach locations. Environmentally intense industrial settings. Or just on-campus mobility

Sometimes, more than just work is at stake


Information needs to flow. You can’t risk bottlenecks. Our wireless devices allow your on-campus mobile workers to collaborate anywhere on site without the worry of call failure. And without running up costly mobile charges.

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Our wireless phones are built for mobility in the real world. They’re well constructed, feature-rich and fully integrated with your Unify OpenScape Enterprise voice network. Some models are ruggedized for industrial applications. Depending on your specific needs, our wireless phones connect with your enterprise via your wireless LAN or DECT (phone base). For your on-site anywhere worker. Unify wireless phones.

Unlock the full potential of your mobile team

Unify OpenStage WLAN Phone WL4 Family

This wireless device family delivers mobile on-campus communication over your WLAN infrastructure. The models come in three varieties with optional messaging, alarming and advanced administration capabilities.

Unify OpenScape DECT Phone M3 Family*

Mobile communications for industrial environments, delivering robust connectivity, improved safety and user productivity.

OpenStage M3 DECT family

Unify OpenScape DECT Phone S6*

Ideal for mobile services personnel, from patient care to knowledge workers, the cordless Unify OpenScape S6 DECT phone meets the challenges of noisy environments with superior audio quality.

Unify OpenScape DECT Phone SL6*

Our most powerful but slimmest and smallest DECT device, all without compromising security, reliability, functionality or design.

Unify OpenScape DECT Phone R6 *

This robust handset is the right communication companion for challenging environments and includes a rubber-coated back for firm grip support and is splash-proof and dust-protected.

*DECT devices not available for North America.

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Unify OpenStage M3 Family

Mobile communication for industrial environments with reliable connectivity for employee care and productivity.



Unify OpenStage WL4

Leverage the numerous advantages of WLAN networks with powerful Voice over Wireless LAN (VoWLAN) devices to keep front-line workers connected.

DECT mobile

Data Sheet

Unify OpenScape DECT mobile handsets

Cordless handsets for Unify OpenScape systems.

Campus Wireless

Data Sheet

Unify OpenScape Cordless IP

Unify OpenScape Cordless IP upgrades IP communications systems by a campus-wide mobility solution.

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