Unify OpenScape Xpert

Designed for the digital orchestrated communication world

A powerful multiline and multi-modal call handling solution, designed for time critical and high pressure decision making processes.

Rapid communications at your finger tips

Unify OpenScape Xpert takes secure multi channel conferencing and calling to a new level. Designed to allow operators to manage several conferences simultaneously at the touch of a finger. With military grade security built in as standard and available as a hardware device or soft client for touch screen computers.



Security of our devices is mandatory. Unify OpenScape Xpert has been certified to the highest level making it acceptable for use by government and military as standard.

Group conferencing

High speed digital communications with all medias

Designed to meet the demanding needs of today’s time critical industries and services. Something to list all channel voice, radio, conference systems , IPTV feeds  and more.

Openscape Xpert

Unify OpenScape Xpert for Traders

When every second is key to the next successful trade in the financial and energy trading markets, you need a solution designed to be fully reliable and fast.


Unify OpenScape Xpert  for Command and Control

When trouble hits, you need your emergency services in play immediately. Xpert co-ordinates all relevant parties irrespective of the communication technologies involved.


Unify OpenScape Xpert for Health

See how Unify OpenScape Xpert delivers an essential service to Emergency Pediatric Care at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

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OpenScape Xpert


Unify OpenScape Xpert

OpenScape Xpert is a resilient, multi-line communication solution for time-critical and priority calling, whether dispatching, energy or financial trading or high-priority executive/admin
support. It increases communication control, efficiency and productivity, while reducing operational costs and complexity.

The Energy Authority - TEA

Case study

The Energy Authority

The Energy Authority Maximizes Trader Productivity with OpenScape Xpert Trading Solution.

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