OpenScape First Response

Bringing emergency calls to the next level.

A comprehensive product suite providing an end-to-end Next Generation Emergency (NG-911/NG 112) solution.

Resilient solution with carrier-grade, secure, compliant communication infrastructure at scale

OpenScape First Response delivers a National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and European Emergency Number Association (EENA) compliant Emergency Service IP-Network (ESINet), Next Generation Core Services (NGCS) and Next Generation Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) including Call Taking / Dispatch. With OpenScape First Response, 911/112 emergency calls can be placed and responded to via voice, text messaging, video and data. The solution is compliant with international standards, enabling deployment in different countries and allowing emergency service interoperability across state and national borders.

The ESINet / NGCS solution contains infrastructure design, delivery and management. The PSAP Solution is a NG-911/112 call handling solution is based on OpenScape First Response and Global Emergency Management (GEMMA) which contains preserve carrier-class call capacity via NG-911/112 VoIP switch and Unify OpenScape Contact Center (OS CC and GEMMA can handle multimedia delivery and routing).

OpenScape First Response ESINet / NGCS is a global solution and is currently available in the US and Romania. OpenScape First Response GEMMA is available as a North American and a rest of world version.


  • Interoperable across state and national borders


  • Support for call volumes of thousands of calls per hour
  • Carrier-grade VoIP call management platform designed for voice over IP from the ground-up



  • ESRP is based on Unify OpenScape Voice and provides a proven, scalable, carrier-grade solution for routing emergency calls within an ESInet
  • Carrier-grade VoIP call management platform designed for voice over IP from the ground-up


  • Built in high level security



  • EENA and NEENA standards-compliant, highly flexible call routing based on user-defined policy routing rules

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