Technology Partners

Build complementary solutions and joint innovations.

Integrate complementary products via open interfaces and standards to make outstanding solutions.

Our Technology Partner Program

Simply put, it is about solutions that complement our portfolio.

Our technology partnerships verify partner products are compatible with ours, integrate well and allow joint development of innovative products and solutions. The program spans five segments: unified communications, contact centers, voice, phones/clients and infrastructure.

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Together We’re Strong: Unify Technology Partners

Enjoy the program benefits.

  • Profitable partnership: Being involved in our sales and marketing programs gives you market reach.
  • Complete integration: Benefit from exclusive access to documentation, drivers and patches, tools and testing.
  • Testing and certification: Conduct tests in our labs and, if successful, certificates are granted to confirm results.
  • Support and contact: Technology partners have access to extensive support. And events for partners are held to tie into the partner network and build a strong community.
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Our technology partner program covers products and services in five different segments

Our Technology Partner Program spans five technology segments: unified communications, contact centers, voice, phones & clients, and infrastructure.

There are up to three partner levels in each of these segments. Partners within these segments and levels are required to have certain special skills and competencies that can meet customers’ needs in specific market areas. In association with our partner support team, partners can work out which form and level of partnership would align best with their particular business focus and business model.

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Technology Partner


Contact centers

Our open, software-supported solutions and Unify OpenScape Contact Center Software Development Kit (SDK) enable our partners to expand the functionality of contact centers with products they have developed themselves.


Phones & clients

Our office phones and soft clients can be individually tailored to integrated according to customer needs with our Unify OpenScape UC Application SDK.



We offer state-of-the-art voice communications services based on the OpenScape Unified Communications applications suite for both small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies.



Our network solutions are based on many years of cooperation with our partner Enterasys, and facilitate company-oriented and identity-based visibility and control for voice, video and data applications.


Unified communications

Our innovative program and comprehensive SDK enables our partners to create their own UC-based applications and incorporate them into the processes and existing applications of customers.

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