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We provide the tools and resources to boost our partner network’s business

We give you all you need to successfully sell and support our market-leading solutions and drive your business forward

World-class alliances to drive business forward

Building on a leading Partner Relationship Management (PRM) platform, Sales Partners are presented our completely redesigned partner portal to make your day-to-day work more efficient. The portal also provides dedicated views for other audiences like Technology, Service Delivery or OEM Partners.

The Unify Partner Portal provides sales partners everything you need to identify and address your customers’ requirements, design and deliver high-value business solutions and competitively differentiate your company.

  • Know the Portfolio – Thorough understanding of the Unify portfolio and fast access to our product documentation are key to effectively position, sell and maintain our products and services
  • Drive Your Sales – Accelerate your sales cycle and drive success with targeted sales resources, attractive promotions and our sales tools & communities
  • Build Your Pipeline – Execute turnkey and efficient demand, lead generation and digital activities by leveraging predefined email campaigns, landing pages, and assets. Apply your Marketing Fund to fund your marketing activities or even let our industry-leading Marketing Concierge Service agencies help you elevate them
  • Service Your Customer – Achieve high customer retention by keeping you customers satisfied during the full lifecyle of their solution. We provide you all the service tools to ensure smooth implementation, excellent ongoing support and timely upgrade options
  • Stay Informed and Educated – Keep on top of the lastest developments to attrack and satisfy your customers, while driving your business to success. News, newsletters, webinars, notification subsciptions and tools help you stay informed on latest product updates, sales promotions, program developments, documentation, training courses & certifications.

The Unify Support Portal presents other audiences a dedicated portal view targeted to your needs. It provides you access to all for your business relation with Unify relevant resources.

New Partner Account

Portal access for new partner organizations is automatically generated after completion of the initial onboarding process with your account managers.

To manage portal access on a per-user basis, each partner shall be granted at least one designated Portal Company Administrator within their organization. Governance for user management is not assumed by Unify, but remains under your Portal Administrator’s responsibility.

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Your designated Portal Administrator can add, delete or change users and access roles for your organization.

To identify your portal administrator, or if you have any other questions, please contact your channel manager or open a ticket with our Global Service Desk.

Problems? Questions?

Partner Portal Support

Please contact our Global Service Desk

Access to Support Portal

The Unify Support Portal is the extranet for OEM Partners, Service Partners, Technology Partners, Suppliers, Freightforwarders and German Consultants which do not act as Solution Providers. Since the launch of a our joint Partner Portal & PRM System, we are hosting those extranet users and our accredited sales partners on the same platform granting target group specific views.

Users of these target groups access via above login with their known credentials (previous login via Support > Customer Support Portal is no longer applicable).

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