Data storage & contact via email and telephone

Data Storage

The processing of your application and your participation in the Atos Unify Partner Program require

  • us, Unify GmbH & Co. KG (“Atos Unify”),
  • companies affiliated with Unify located all around the world and
  • service providers commissioned in accordance with the law by Unify or its affiliated companies to collect, process and use the data  disclosed or gathered by you as part of the registration for or implementation of the Partner Program, including sales data and  personal data. Where personal data is transferred in countries outside of the EEA to the aforementioned parties and processed there (e.g. to be stored and processed by a service provider), this will be done in accordance with the law. The data shall be used exclusively for the implementation of the Partner Program and related marketing purposes of Unify, treated as confidential and disclosed to third parties only if necessary as part of the implementation of the Partner Program, in particular the processing of your registration. The data shall be stored for the duration of the Partner Agreement and for two years in the event that the application is rejected. The data will then be deleted unless legal requirements mean that they must be stored for longer. More details, in particular about your rights to access, block and correct information, can be found in Atos Unify’s data protection guidelines or by contacting Atos Unify’s group data protection representative.

Contact via email and telephone

By checking the fields in the form, you are providing your consent for us to contact you via the means of contact (email and/or telephone) provided by you for the purpose of implementing the Partner Program, in particular processing your registration. You can withdraw those consents individually and at any time in the future by informing us preferably by sending an email to your contact point for the Partner Program or Atos Unify’s contact email address on the Internet site.