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July 2020

The role of Remote and Distributed Work has become a strategic issue for every organisation as they plan for the future.

So, this month, I want to introduce some of the ways Unify is continuing to adapt to help you meet the challenges of this quickly developing marketplace.

To align with this new strategic focus for our customers and prospects, Unify is evolving to become Atos Unify – the family name for remote and distributed work offerings and solutions from Atos group.

Over the next few weeks, we will be making other changes to enhance our position in the market, and I urge you to read the full article below to find out more.

Please contact me to share your ideas on what else we can do to help you at this time.

Stuart Aldridge

Stuart Aldridge
Head of Global Service Providers & Channel Sales
Email: stuart.aldridge@atos.net
Tel: +44 (0) 7970124565


Success story

Adapting to the world of Remote and Distributed Work

Organizations around the world have had to urgently deploy tactical work-from-home solutions.

Now, the role of remote and distributed work has become strategic and almost every enterprise is reviewing how they organize for the future. This is creating a new demand for partners to help organizations transform their ways of working without compromising mission-critical standards. This is our opportunity, and the Unify brand is more important and relevant than ever before.

To align with this new strategic focus of our customers and prospects, Unify is evolving to become Atos Unify – the family name for remote and distributed work offerings and solutions from Atos group.

Atos Unify is evolving to be a best of breed solution provider, incorporating our own in-house products, complementary partner technologies and services and solutions drawn from other areas of Atos. In fact, everything needed to offer a comprehensive remote and distributed work capability.

What does Atos Unify represent?

Atos Unify represents our value proposition to enable enterprise-grade remote and distributed work offerings and solutions, incorporating:

  • best-in-class communications and collaboration at its core
  • technologies that span all deployment and consumption models
  • specialized capabilities in mission-critical and high-performance applications
  • global services breadth, depth, scope and scale, through our own and partner resources
  • Atos’s stable of industry leading digital transformation capabilities


To clearly communicate the role of Atos Unify to the marketplace, we are evolving the Unify visual identity to align with the Atos brand. We’ll share more details of this in the coming weeks, together with the actions you can take to support this evolution.


As you can see above, partnerships continue as a core component of our approach, in fact as we broaden the scope of Atos Unify, we anticipate greater opportunities for partner content in the form of technologies, services and vertical specialisms to form part of our solutions family.

We look forward to working with you as we address the needs of a “new normal” market and support our customers with the remote and distributed work solutions that enable them to work effectively regardless of employee location.

Product Update

OpenScape Enterprise Express V10 is now available

We are excited to share that the new OpenScape Enterprise Express V10 is now available as of July 6th.

As the Express Deployment of OpenScape Enterprise, this version brings to the already extensive set of options simplified, aligned ordering packages, easier installation, activation and maintenance, accelerating order to cash, enhanced serviceability with fresh instalments and increased productivity and survivability with flexible deployment options.

The highlights of the OpenScape Enterprise Express V10 release are:

Expanded addressable opportunities with a simplified and improved portfolio:

  • Simplified, aligned ordering packages
  • Offering additional expansion packages to expand the base offerings
  • Ability to enrich each package by ordering additional products a-la-carte

Enhanced serviceability:

  • Fresh instalments, ensuring users have the latest GA software
  • Automatic software updates support both online (SWS) and offline
  • Backup & restore functions, protecting users’ information

Increased productivity and survivability:

  • Auto installation enhancements
  • Aligned ordering
  • Easy and flexible deployment
  • Virtualization and co-residency

Need more information?

For more information and updated materials contact your Channel Account Manager, or click here.

First-class communication for the ASTORIA business consultancy group

Since 1982, clients from across auditing, tax and management consultancy have placed their trust in the ASTORIA Group, with its employees placing particular value on innovative strategies and forward-thinking solutions. And that’s just what their own new communications solution needed to be. Read here which comprehensive solution approach Unify Partner MEHOKO proposed to the Astoria Group.

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Access to the Service Ticketing System is changing

We want to provide you and your customer support functions with helpful Guidelines, Hints & Tips and Troubleshooting guides to assist you when opening an Incident ticket with us.

We will shortly be introducing a new step in which technicians will be asked to confirm that they have read and understood the mandatory ticket requirements and GDPR disclaimer, before entering the ticketing system. This extra step will support faster processing and resolution quality for your requests.

New MDF Portal

Last month, we advised you of our upcoming upgraded Partner marketing fund (MDF) portal.

The new portal will launch on 10th August 2020, and active users will receive an email with their new portal login credentials on or before this date, from the new helpdesk mailbox: atosmdf@e2open.com

Partner training webinars are scheduled for:

  • Monday 10th August, 4pm CET (English)
  • Tuesday 11th August, 11am CET English)
  • Monday 17th August, 4pm CET (German)
  • Tuesday 1st September, 4pm CET (French)

Invitations have been sent out separately. The sessions will be recorded.

The old portal is now available in view-only mode. All open Claimed/Incomplete, or Held activities, younger than 12 months old, are being migrated to the new portal on your behalf.  All other open activities (awaiting approval/approved/ claimable) will need to be re-submitted as new, in the new portal, on or after 10th August 2020.


New OpenScape Software Support (SSP) Reinstatement Policy for our Large Enterprise Solutions

Effective October 1st 2020, we will be globally revising our reinstatement policy to be more in-line with current industry practice – aligning with practice in Germany since April this year.

The existing 25% of the 1 year value of SSP based reinstatement fee will be replaced globally by a % model that increases based on the time elapsed since the expiration of the pre-existing Software Support contract. Note: In Germany this policy is already effective since April 1st.

This is more consistent with industry practice and provides more motivation to both renew software support on time, or to reinstate early, and therefore avoid, or at least minimise the reinstatement fee and potentially additional upgrade fees should the target system no longer be on a supported release.

Further information is available from the Partner SalesConnect webinar recording held on Thursday 25th June 2020. In the meantime, you can encourage your customers with expired contracts to reinstate now – ahead of the new policy effective date to take advantage of the current policy.

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