Your guide for a smooth transition from Circuit to the latest Unify Cloud services

Your Transformation Pathways

Together with our strategic RingCentral partnership we launched UCaaS cloud services providing messaging, video and phone services from the cloud.

Unify Office by RingCentral is an all-in-one cloud telephony and collaboration solution including carrier minutes and is our successor product for our customers, that want to use the benefits of migrating to the cloud including their telephony services.

For customers who wish to continue with their on-premise PBX deployment but require an enterprise video, messaging and collaboration solution, Unify Video by RingCentral is ideally placed to succeed Circuit in this deployment.

Unify Office

We are currently in the midst of developing the Unify Video Telephony Connector capabilities that will enable integration of OpenScape PBX telephony services in Unify Video. The release of this telephony integration capability is targeted for Q2 2022 along with new releases from Unify Video and OpenScape PBX platforms.

For customers that are utilizing Circuit Meeting Room, we have our Unify Rooms by RingCentral solution launched as the successor product for superior meeting experience in a meeting or huddle room.

For customers that want to accelerate their cloud transformation journey we have defined Transformation Pathways leveraging our new Unify Cloud offerings:

Transformation Pathway to Unify Office by RingCentral

In this pathway we are transforming on-premise UCC solutions to Unify Office, the new cloud team collaboration and communications service. Unify Office delivers everything that modern team members need in one place, on any device and from any location. With out of the box integrations into Microsoft 365, Google G-Suite, Salesforce and over 200 other applications Unify Office combines with your other tools seamlessly to create the perfect digital workplace. Our experience of building enterprise scale messaging and real-time collaboration solutions is now available to organisations of any size. For this Transformation Pathway we protect existing investments leveraging existing OpenScape solution elements like devices, mobility solutions, sessions border controller and gateways as well as vertical applications in combination with the advantages of our market leading cloud solution, including excellent user experience, highest flexibility, and agility to strengthen the competitiveness and resiliency of businesses of our joint clients.

In cooperation with you as channel partner Atos Unify is providing transformation services, adoption and success services and the service tooling that are needed to make your customers’ pathway from Circuit and OpenScape to the cloud smooth and secure.

Transformation Pathway to Unify Video by RingCentral and the Telephony Connector for OpenScape PBX

Following this Transformation Pathway, the customer augments its on-premise OpenScape PBX with messaging, team collaboration and video meetings from the cloud. The Unify telephony connectors, that are in development and planned to be released in Q2 2022, connect the OpenScape telephony capabilities with the Unify Video cloud service, providing the required communication and collaboration capabilities for teams as overlay in a hybrid world.

In which countries are the new cloud offerings Unify Office and Unify Video available?

The new Unify cloud solutions for messaging, video and phone by RingCentral are available for contract signature in the following countries: France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Ireland, US, UK, Australia, Finland and Portugal.

For customers in countries where Unify Office or Unify Video is not available, please contact your local Unify Channel Account Manager to evaluate if a country release is planned or to discuss alternative Unify solutions depending on size and needs of your customers’ organization.

How to save my Circuit data?

When your customer is in transition from Circuit to Unify Office or Unify Video, it is important that the customer saves its content from its Circuit tenant.

The compliance officer role in your customers’ Circuit tenant has the capabilities to export the complete content of all Circuit conversations from the customers’ domain or export the content from the Circuit conversations from specific users depending on the needs in your customers’ organization.

The Compliance Officer role can be assigned to a user through the Circuit Administration Portal. The Compliance Officer is a very special and powerful role for your Circuit domain. It is the person that can export data of the whole domain or data related to users of the domain. With Compliance Officer role comes significant responsibility as this role has access to personal data. It is recommended that this role is not assigned to an active Circuit user and it is not used every day. Any configuration change for the compliance officer role is logged in the Circuit Audit Trail.

How to convert my Circuit conversation to Unify Office and Unify Video?

For an easier conversion of your customers’ Circuit conversations to Unify Office/Unify Video “Teams”, a new Circuit integration has been developed and is available in the Circuit client. It allows your customer to connect its Circuit account with its Unify Office/Unify Video account and easily create new “Teams” in Unify Office/Unify Video with the same title, description and participants directly from your customers’ existing Circuit conversations. When your customer moves the Circuit conversation to a “Team” a post containing the link to the original Circuit conversation is automatically created in the new “Team” in the Unify Office/Unify Video client. This allows your customers’ users to quickly find the data in the backup or in the Circuit client as long as the Circuit service is active.

Is there a special subscription for Circuit users that just need access to their Circuit data in read-only?

A new subscription option has been introduced, called “Circuit Read-only/Archive Mode”. This allows customers until end of life of Circuit to access existing conversations and files in Circuit but without possibility to add new content and making or receiving real-time calls or meetings. For customers migrating to Unify Office or Unify Video, Atos Unify offers 3 months free of charge to cover the transition period from Circuit to Unify Video or Unify Office.

Change to the Terms and Conditions of Circuit

Highest flexibility when to start your customers’ transition with adjusted Circuit subscription renewal term

In December 2021 we will send out a separate email to all customers informing about changes of the Circuit ToC’s introducing an adjusted Circuit subscription renewal term for highest flexibility when to start and complete the transformation.

In January 2022, we will start the countdown for phasing out Circuit and to aid you and your customers in the transition process, the Circuit ToC will be adapted from a minimum 12 month renewal term to a rolling monthly renewal allowing customers to terminate their Circuit subscriptions once their transition is completed.


For more information please primarily contact your local Unify Channel Account Manager or the Circuit Admin Desk.