While organizations cannot prevent critical events from occurring, they can take proactive measures to reduce impact. Building resilience is a key factor for the success of any organization. Preparedness and a swift reaction in critical events are crucial for mitigating risks and ensuring business continuity.

But to do that, you first need to make sure your day-to-day operations are efficient.

Unify is now offering a free 2-hour Critical Event Management (CEM) Discovery Consultation to assess key aspects of your resilience processes in place.

Your CEM Discovery Consultation

What can you expect from our CEM Discovery Consultation?

Maturity Level Assessment

How mature is your CEM framework today? What is the optimum state?

Operational Efficiency Guidance

Identify weaknesses and bottlenecks and learn how to further streamline your operations and enhance overall efficiency.

Best In Class Approach

Unify incorporates the Everbridge approach into an in depth CEM Discovery Assessment, which includes an analysis of how communication and collaboration integrates into an organization’s CEM strategy.

Expert Recommendations

Benefit from expert recommendations for optimization and transformation, ensuring you’re on the right path to success.

Why Unify?

Unify’s partnership with Everbridge combines Everbridge Critical Event Management capabilities with Unify expertise and resources to manage and operate customer environments. Together, Unify and Everbridge combine world-class expertise, technology, and global resources to strengthen your resiliency strategy and to mitigate the impact of critical events, specifically those that affect the digital environments of modern organizations. We enable organizations to manage the full lifecycle of critical events such as cyber-attacks, major outages, or disruptions.

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