Transport and Logistics

On time delivery

Whether its people or products its all about getting them from A to B on time. However, in a complex world where so many factors can impact your ability to deliver, assessing the risks and keeping everyone informed are important capabilities. An effective communications platform is essential.

Staying on top

Nobody wants it late, regardless of whether it’s an important delivery or a scheduled passenger service. What’s even worse is when it appears no-one anticipated the delay and kept those concerned informed.  Dealing with such situations cost transport and logistics organizations time and money.

What if you were able gain immediate notification of potential risks and delays, and respond to them, whilst at the same time informing everyone concerned?

We provide solutions to do just that.

Solution Support & Operation

Optimizing Customer Engagement

Delivering an excellent customer experience in today’s competitive environment is a critical success factor for transport organizations. The connected customer’s expectations are high – they want to interact with you in a way and time that suits them. Whilst you need to complement their on-line experience with timely human intervention to improve customer satisfaction, reduce risk of lost revenue and increase sales.

Atos Unify’s solutions support effective customer interaction through both cloud and on-premise contact center solutions to provide a future proof communication foundation supporting AI, bots, and omni channel communications including voice, SMS, social media.  In addition, you can direct incoming enquiries to the right experts, proactively communicate alerts and service information, and monitor, measure and manage all from a single platform.

Co-ordinated Control Center Operations

The control center is at the heart of passenger transport operations.  The efficiency of communications between transport management, dispatch teams and passengers impact the performance of the passenger services.  This is especially important when things go wrong – gaining real-time alerts, being able to react fast and to rapidly broadcast the status and actions are all vitally important.

Atos Unify Xpert solutions together with our Critical Event Management solutions can do just that, and in doing so improve response times and information flows, whilst supporting faster decision making, resource mobilization and reduction in downtime.

Control Center

Smart Logistics Management

 Smart Logistics Management

When moving products from A to B, there are many external risks that influence delivery time. Delays at border crossings, interrupted third party carrier schedules, road network congestion to name just a few.  Keeping on top of such events is key to optimizing your delivery schedules and keeping those customers impacted by any delays informed.

Atos Unify’s Critical Event Management Solutions consolidate multiple information streams into a single dashboard so that you can immediately see where problems exist and keep your customers up to date accordingly. Data thresholds can also be set to trigger alarms / alerts when specific criteria are exceeded. This frees up time otherwise used to manually check areas of potential risk and enable you to be pro-active in notifying customers of potential delays and evaluate alternative options.

 Incident Notification

When something goes wrong – a delayed service or major incident, getting the message out there quickly becomes vitally important. Who to contact, who is on-call, who is impacted? Factor in the nature and location of the incident creates a complex notification algorithm. Are you able to provide targeted communications to optimize your organizations response to such events, whilst at the same time improve information flow, enable faster decision making, keep communication costs under control and improve customer experience?

Atos Unify’s Critical Event Management Solutions allow you to rapidly initiate communications and mobilization of response teams through pre-defined use cases, and trigger mass notification of passengers impacted to minimize reactive customer enquiries. It integrates with HR and Business Continuity (BC) solutions to ensure staff on-call are notified and the defined processes are executed efficiently.

Incident Notification

Keeping a small footprint

You have enough eco challenges, so our solutions deploy to suit your needs: cloud, on-premise or hybrid. Cloud deployments mean you don’t carry the energy HVAC and real estate burden of your own data center. If an on-premise model is preferred, our solutions are VMWare compatible for a smaller footprint than our competitors.

We’ll take care

We’ve a full range of services to support your journey from initial consulting and assessments through to design, support, and operation of your chosen solution – regardless of the deployment model, tailored to your needs.  We’re experts in digital transformation and have proven methodologies to ensure a smoother migration and importantly continue support you during the operational phase to ensure the expected business value is realized. See our Services offerings for more details.

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