Digital era has impacted few industries more than Retail

The internet as a platform and digital enabler has significantly impacted consumer buying behaviour and shifted the emphasis from the product to the experience. Communications play a significant part of that experience

Helping you get ahead

Delivering a great customer experience is a critical success factor for retail organizations today. Faced in the multitude of purchasing options powered by the internet – today’s consumer wants to feel special. Those real time interactions between your staff and the consumer can make all the difference, whether it’s a sales enquiry, stock check, support request or complaint. How effectively and efficiently you handle it can make all the difference.

And then there’s the well-being of your staff and your partners and franchisees – the lifeblood of your business. Your communications with them are equally important to protect them and your business. Especially when a crisis occurs

Are you effectively connected to meet all these communications needs for employees, partners and customers, protecting your brand and reputation whilst delivering a great customer experience?

We provide solutions to do just that.

The Connected Shop Floor Worker

The Connected Shop Floor Worker

Shop floor workers often multi-task. One moment checking store stock, the next taking a call from a customer. They are also often challenged by out-dated voice communications. Having to carry a dedicated handset as well as devices for other tasks, like scanning stock items. We can help simplify that by delivering voice communications as an application on a multi-function device, giving them the freedom to take calls or make an enquiry without having to switch devices – or go looking for the staff member with the handset. This improves customer service whilst also facilitating more effective internal communications.

Unify Office delivers flexible cloud-based voice and unified communications to bring a more efficient and flexible communications tool to empower staff and digitize the in-store operation.

 Strategic Customer Service

Delivering an excellent customer experience in today’s competitive environment is a critical success factor for retail organizations. The connected customer’s expectations are high – they want to interact with you in a way and time that suits them. Are you in ready to exceed your customer expectations and deliver a great experience?

Atos Unify’s solutions support effective customer interaction through both cloud and on-premise contact center solutions to deliver an omni-channel capability – integrating all channels of communication including voice, SMS, social media to ensure the required information can be delivered reliably, consistently, and efficiently. In addition, you can direct incoming enquiries to the right experts, proactively communicate alerts and service information, and monitor, measure and manage all from a single platform.

Solution Support & Operation

Store Operations

 Protecting Employees and Store Operations

Unforeseen events ranging from adverse weather conditions, global pandemics, local incidents, or supply chain / product issues can hit retail organizations when they least expect them. Their ability to respond swiftly can be the difference between success and failure.

Atos Unify’s Critical Event Management solutions can make that difference. By providing hyper local data, relating to your locations we can alert on weather warnings, civil unrest, and major incidents, as well as providing automated and templated notifications to rapidly communicate to those who need to be notified. We’re also able to provide employee check-in and status verifications to provide an immediate view on the overall status and impacted areas which is vital to making the right decisions to normalize operations as quickly and safely as possible.

Keeping a small footprint

You have enough eco challenges, so our solutions deploy to suit your needs: cloud, on-premise or hybrid. Cloud deployments mean you don’t carry the energy HVAC and real estate burden of your own data center.  If an on-premise model is preferred, our solutions are VMWare compatible for a smaller footprint than our competitors.

We’ll take care

We’ve a full range of services to support your journey from initial consulting and assessments through to design, support, and operation of your chosen solution – regardless of the deployment model, tailored to your needs. We’re experts in digital transformation and have proven methodologies to ensure a smoother migration and importantly continue support you during the operational phase to ensure the expected business value is realized.  See our Services offerings for more details.

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