Are you ready for an industrial revolution?

What if you could better contain costs while reducing time to market? Help teams collaborate across the globe as intimately as across the table? Minimize production interruptions, and respond instantly to crises? What if customers really knew you heard them?

Contain costs. Strengthen margins.

We’ve been manufacturing for over 170 years. Seven of the top ten auto companies are our customers. We understand the pressure to control overhead and grow revenue. The push to lead, and to respond rapidly. To squeeze more performance from everything you do.

Unified communications from Atos Unify helps you do just that.

Web collaboration, conferencing, voice, email, chat, social media. A single pane of glass. Desktop or mobile. Integrated with your PLM software and other business process solutions like SAP®, Microsoft 365, and others.



Come together. Right now.

Whether multinational or local, manufacturing is still a global business. Acquisitions, expansions, consolidations. Partners, suppliers, distributors. It all means people in different places. So how can you join an on-the-fly chalk talk in Palo Alto at ten and present in Milan at noon?

Web collaboration enables virtual teams with a click. Jointly review and edit documents from anywhere. Sketch an idea on the whiteboard and see the reaction on colleagues’ faces. At your desktop or on your mobile. In the office or on a train. Scheduled a month or a minute ago.

Rich collaboration, right now, wherever you are, without travel.

Get the word out. Protect the people. Fix the problem. Back in business.

Production plans are vulnerable to the unknown and uncontrollable. Security breaches. Weather. Electronic and mechanical failures.

Atos Unify’s alarm response and dispatch solutions alert, control, and respond to critical situations. From automated or manual input, alarms and announcements are broadcast, specialists are directed to problem areas, actuators and circuits can be activated, first-responders are notified, and teams are automatically conferenced.



Proactive customer service

What if you could know what customers think before they tell you? Handle their inquiries on the first attempt? Keep your business top of minds? And measure this to know where you’re weak and strong?

Contact Center solutions are the door to this world. Intelligent inbound solutions route calls to the right expert. Social media integration alerts you to challenges bubbling up “out there” before they blow up “in here.” Outbound solutions for campaigns. IVR solutions to let customers serve themselves. And sophisticated monitoring, measuring, and managing.

Lean and Green

Don’t take your IT staff away from mission-critical tasks to enjoy these benefits. We provide Professional and Managed Services to design, implement, operate and service all of this. We even manage networks we didn’t sell, with other vendors’ products.

And because you have enough carbon footprint challenges, our solutions deploy as best suits your needs: on your premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both.

It really is a new way to work.

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Sauder Woodworking

See how Sauder Woodworking deployed Atos Unify’s OpenScape VOIP solutions to enable mobility, collaboration, and much more.


Case Study


Managed communication services bring Solvay 30% cost savings and greater freedoms for its workforce.


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Unified and reliable – the new communications solution for all Wiesbauer locations.

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