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In times of change – effective communications have never been more critical

The digital world is fast upon us, the Energy & Utility industry faces new challenges and opportunities: sustaining resources, climate change, smart operations, and more demanding and connected customers. Communications is a critical factor in responding to those challenges.

We’ve got it covered

In a world where Energy and Utility Services are always on, effective communications are critical when things go wrong. Those moments of truth impact the business in many ways: consumer loyalty, brand reputation, employee safety and security and more.

What if you could be made aware of issues and risks to your operations the moment they occur? What if you could automatically alert the right people, including customers – based on the nature of the concern? What if you were able to rapidly resolve service impacting incidents by fully leveraging the expertise across your organization regardless of their location? How can you put your customers at the heart of your communications strategy to deliver a great customer experience?

We provide solutions to do just that.

Front Line Worker Safety and Security

Front Line Worker Safety and Security

Employees in the front line often work in high-risk environments – as an employer you have a duty of care for their safety and well-being. They also need to be confident that you are taking the necessary steps to protect them.

We live in a dynamic environment, the unexpected happens, schedules change – how can you track the whereabouts of your frontline workers, assess ever-changing risks, and alert them?

Atos Unify’s alarm, critical event and safety connection solutions provide comprehensive alarm notification, location tracking, risk and event tracking to ensure any threat to your frontline staff safety and security are managed effectively.

 Critical Communications

Risk management and business continuity are part of your daily life – the unknown is expected.

But can you get the right people in the right place quickly? Can you protect your infrastructure, front line workers in dangerous situations? How to you alert team members and authorities in a targeted way based on nature and location of incident?

Atos Unify Critical Event Management (CEM) solution, (powered by Everbridge – a market leader in CEM) provides a single platform that is enterprise wide to aggregate risk data, locate people and assets under threat, initiate action and manage incidents, and analyse after-action performance.

Critical Communications

Solution Support & Operation

 Strategic Customer Service

Delivering an excellent customer experience in today’s competitive environment is a critical success factor for customer retention and growth. The connected customer’s expectations are high – they want to interact with you in a way and time that suits them. Are you in ready to exceed your customer expectations and deliver a great experience?

Atos Unify’s solutions support effective customer interaction through both cloud and on-premise contact center solutions to deliver an omni-channel capability – integrating all channels of communication including voice, SMS, social media to ensure the required information can be delivered reliably, consistently, and efficiently. In addition, you can direct incoming enquiries to the right experts, proactively communicate alerts and service information, and monitor, measure and manage all from a single platform.

 As effective as being there

Experts are a scarce resource that need to be utilised effectively. They can only be in one place at a time. What if you were able to enable those experts to add value from wherever they are located, supporting frontline workers and other field workers remotely?

Atos Unify’s Remote Expert Services enable expert resources to be used far more efficiently and improve the performance of field services by enabling those remote workers to gain the additional expertise they often need through remote collaboration. Providing the right expertise at the right time and opening the opportunity for team collaboration with multiple experts that ensures issues are resolved promptly and efficiently.

Minimizing supply chain disruption

Keeping a small footprint

You have enough eco challenges, so our solutions deploy to suit your needs: cloud, on-premise or hybrid. Cloud deployments mean you don’t carry the energy HVAC and real estate burden of your own data center. If an on-premise model is preferred, our solutions are VMWare compatible for a smaller footprint than our competitors.

We’ll take care

We’ve a full range of services to support your journey from initial consulting and assessments through to design, support, and operation of your chosen solution – regardless of the deployment model, tailored to your needs. We’re experts in digital transformation and have proven methodologies to ensure a smoother migration and importantly continue support you during the operational phase to ensure the expected business value is realized. See our Services offerings for more details.

What our clients say about us

Orlando Utilities Commission – “The Reliable One,” Deploys Unify and Lives Up to Its Name

“Unify exceeded our expectations. They were here in person and always available when we needed them. As the CIO, my experience with the Unify team was terrific; and I think my team thought their time working with Unify on this project was one of the best experiences of their career.”

Jerry Sullivan, Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer

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Orlando Utilities Commission


Electricity System Operator

Case Study

Electricity System Operator

Atos Unify OpenScape 4000 system ensures secure, reliable communications between electrical customers and service technicians — without the threat of crossed wires.

JSC Georgian State Electrosystem

Case Study

JSC Georgian State Electrosystem

JSC Georgian State Electrosystem chose InfoTel to supply and implement next-generation telecommunication solution.

The Energy Authority

Case Study

The Energy Authority

The Energy Authority Maximizes Trader Productivity with Atos Unify OpenScape Xpert Trading Solution.

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