Zero tolerance for illegal or improper conduct

Unify Software and Solutions GmbH & Co. KG conduct business responsibly and in full compliance with the laws and official regulations of the countries in which we are active. In order to ensure lawful and ethical behavior by all employees and officers we issued directives and guidelines which are mandatory worldwide. They are the basis for our work, the collaboration between our employees as well as the cooperation with our customers and partners.

By no means will the company tolerate improper or illegal behavior. We established comprehensive measures via regular controls to ensure compliance within the enterprise.

Compliance Program

The Compliance Program Atos Unify is the cornerstone for ethical and lawful conduct in our companies. It includes explicit directives to all employees that laws must be obeyed and that no infractions will be tolerated; the Business Conduct Guidelines are at the core of this program.

Furthermore it includes guidelines such as the handling of gifts and hospitality, execution of payment orders or the proper conduct with business consultants. The adherence to laws and company guidelines is checked via a comprehensive control system

The Corporate Compliance Officer of Atos Unify is responsible for the worldwide execution of the compliance program. In this capacity he/she is supported by a regional network of experts, the Regional Compliance Officers.