You can now share Syncplicity files in Circuit conversations

Posted on: Sep 20, 2017 by Philipp Bohn

We‘re happy to announce our new integration between Syncplicity, a Content Collaboration Platform, and Circuit team collaboration. We believe workflow integrations are key elements of successful digital workplace and collaboration strategies, particularly in the enterprise market. CIO, business decision makers and users want to be able to pick and choose tools that meet their individual needs, without sacrificing usability or creating more information silos.


With our integration, Circuit users can easily share Syncplicity files directly into their individual and team conversations. Shared content stays within the relevant context of ongoing projects and remote teams working together.

Technically, Circuit creates a secure link to the shared Syncplicity file that is only accessible for participants of that particular conversation. The actual content remains in Syncplicity‘s storage system, ensuring high security and avoiding duplication of shared files. Customers can also choose that links expire after a set amount of time.

Syncplicity‘s and Circuit‘s platforms share key characteristics relevant for enterprises customers who are using both:

  • Massive scalability for hundreds of thousands of users per tenant or deployment,
  • Security through very granular access rights management,
  • Hybrid deployment options to support mixed public and private cloud environments, and
  • Flexible, Opex-based consumption model.

Syncplicity has proven their capabilities with global enterprise deployments like Siemens, which remains the largest global Content Collaboration Platform deployment, reflecting Unify‘s ambition and execution for Circuit collaboration. To activate our integration as a Syncplicity user, please go to Circuit settings and share your credentials under “Extensions”.

If you want to learn more about Circuit, please visit our portal:

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