Workforce Productivity in Government: The Case for Collaboration

Posted on: Oct 4, 2017 by Paul Bender

Government agencies need their workforces to perform smarter, faster and more productively. And that means embedding collaborative technologies deep into processes – transforming the way organizations turn knowledge into action.

Collaboration platforms need to do more than simply enable employees to talk about their work – they need to create new ways for employees to do their work. And that means utilizing collaboration tools that help shape how work is performed – enabling greater innovation, higher productivity and better results and outcomes.

That means embedding technologies into the way work is performed so that using them becomes a natural and accepted part of the job.

Improving the speed and effectiveness of people’s efforts means giving employees the right kind of communication and collaboration tools, ensuring that these are integrated into business processes so that employees can get things done fast.

By eliminating the communication bottlenecks that get in the way of individual or team productivity, business goals can be accomplished more efficiently and effectively. That means enabling streamlined workflows that reduce cycle times and eliminate the ‘human latency’ issue that typically occurs when someone is waiting for information or approval from someone else.

Today’s unified communications technologies typically converge email, IM, conferencing, mobile communications and persistent chat – creating an explosion of ways to be in touch. Solutions like Unify’s Circuit provides a powerful way to organize and harness this diverse range of functionality to make real-time collaboration a reality.

Projects can be completed faster and with less effort. And, improved information access eliminates delays and speeds up transactions. Delivering seamless information for mobility, information is available when needed – without wasting others’ time and effort. No more call backs or delays.

It all adds up to a more engaged and productive workforce.

Being rapidly deployed in public sector environments across the world, Circuit from Unify unlocks the people potential offered by the move to a digital workplace. It delivers new styles of work that address the complex questions of resource, recruitment, effective team collaboration and, of course, cost reduction. But more than anything else it enables contextual conversations that accelerate staff productivity – and ultimately this addresses many of the tactical and strategic concerns that lie at the heart of government agency modernization efforts.

If you’re interested in team collaboration, take a look: Circuit.

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