Top 6 things to know about Atos Unify Office, powered by RingCentral

Posted on: Jul 23, 2020 by Mark Smith

For many multinationals on a digital transformation journey, remote working powered by UC (Unified Communication) tools were already on the roadmap; for others, it is a new addition that has assumed huge importance in the post-pandemic economy. On 21 July we announced that we will be launching Unify Office by RingCentral or UO for short in August. We are excited to bring you our version of the best in class cloud communication and collaboration platform from RingCentral, a 5x leader in the UCaaS (Unified Communications as a service) Gartner Magic Quadrant, recognised for industry-leading technology, manageability, and reliability. Here are 6 things we think it is important to know about UO.

1. Anywhere – We have talked about anywhere working for a long time at Atos Unify. But it is taken on a new meaning because of Covid-19. Working from anywhere has become a new normal for many knowledge workers. UO was natively built from the ground up to allow anywhere working with all the tools you need in a single app. By using cloud for workflows and data storage, employees can access information outside the office securely, at any time, from wherever they are. Flexible working practices with video conferencing improves staff retention, enables remote work, and saves money on reducing your real estate needs. Not just for knowledge workers but everyone.

2. Any Device – Are you prepared for future change? If something major happened tomorrow (again), would your organisation be able to react quickly? Desk phone, Desktop, Laptop, Mobile phone, tablet, and even specialist devices. UO has been built to allow you operational flexibility and your users the freedom to work from the device of their choice safely and effectively.

3. Any mode – Gone are the days when communication means voice only. Unify Office encompasses voice, video meetings, audio conferencing, persistent chat & team messaging, presence monitoring, file sharing, whiteboarding & screen sharing, polling, eFax, task management tools, mobile & desktop apps, unlimited cloud storage and more. However you like to collaborate, it is included in Unify Office.

4. End to end migration support - Moving from one communications system to another has traditionally been a complex process. That is why we designed UO to have friction-free migration paths for existing Atos Unify OpenScape users. Watch out for more news on these cloud migration paths soon. One important thing about UO is how quickly we can deploy it, think days instead of months.

5. Sweat existing investments & benefit from cloud elasticity - We know especially now how important it is to be able to keep the assets you bought with your existing Atos Unify OpenScape system. Those endpoints truly last forever! We have made sure to make them work with UO. Unify Office is also a hyper-scalable and highly elastic product offering – scale your users up and down as your needs change, map users to usage/demand pressures, and only pay for what you use & need per month.

6. Open Ecosystem – Unify Office’s open platform integrates commonly used applications such as email (Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams direct routing), file -sharing (Box, Google Drive), virtual classroom technology, and more, whether you choose a standard or custom solution. Not only does this streamline interactions, but it also allows you to enrich your constituent picture by effortlessly capturing important data for analytics, reporting, and future strategic planning. Unify Office has hundreds (200+) of pre-built plug- and- play integrations to all your mission-critical applications, a developer platform, and thousands of APIs to build those tailored integrations for your unique needs. Say goodbye to app complexity and hello to cloud ease.

I am an Atos Unify OpenScape Customer and cannot wait to get started! Great, this year we will be launching in France, Germany, UK (United Kingdom), The Netherlands, Belgium, USA. With other countries coming in early 2021. To get a head start simply fill out this form and one of our sales teams will walk you through the process and when it will be available for you. Register your interest here.

I am a Circuit customer what does this mean for me? While we have invested heavily in Circuit, our focus now will be on the more comprehensive Unify Office solution. We will continue to support and service Circuit for many years to come. We will be reaching out to show you the added benefits you could get from Unify Office when it is available in your territory.

I am an Atos Unify Partner where can I find out more? Awesome! You can sign up for the latest updates and for early access through our early adopter program here.

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