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Posted on: Jun 16, 2017 by Paula Neame

I’m back!  I know I know.. I haven’t taken virtual pen to paper and blogged for some time, but I have been busy!  There is this small event coming up called ‘UPC2017’.

By small, I am under exaggerating wildly. This event is exciting, and I have the privilege of helping to create it.

Want to know more? Take a quick (20 seconds or so) sneaky peak here:

Blog image UPC17 8 reasons

Intrigued? You can discover more by having a chat with your CAM.

The Unify Partner Conference 2017 is in Monte Carlo, in July. Two years ago, we told our Partners where we had come from. One year ago we told them how far we had come since.  This year, well this year – it is time to Advance and to choose YOUR next move as a Unify Partner.  Whether it be in the Cloud or feet firmly on the floor – Unify is here to support and guide our Partners through the next stage of your technological journey – at your pace.

So .. what ELSE will we see in Monaco? How about the Global Partner Awards 2017? Five categories, one results based and the other four by nominations from our Partners and Unify staff. You can take a look at the criteria and nominate here.

Oh, and our Technology Partners will be on hand, available to talk to our guests about opportunities to add further value to your customers.  Media 5, ASC & Private ptm-Akademie GmbH are on site throughout the event so please drop by!

Anything else? Surely not! Although… we *actually* have  an exclusive launch preview at the event. This is the event that just keeps giving!  Not only is there the exclusive launch – but the enablement piece – so you can take this solution to market straight away.

Of course that isn’t it, but I couldn’t possibly share all with you. Not yet anyway…

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