This is my favorite thing about working from home!

Our in-house community of employee experts (known as our Digital Envoys) have spoken up again – this time on the topic of the favorite aspects of home-based working. Judging from their responses, clearly, there are two themes that have emerged.

Theme one is all about saving time and avoid the daily commute to and from the office and all the things related to that. Theme two is about the work-from-home experience – what unique things come with domiciled working that are pleasing and comforting. So, let’s have a look at what they have to say:

Theme One: Skipping the commute!

  • Make the most of the time I normally spend when I move to and from the workplace (more than 1 hour per day).
  • My favorite thing is saving time from commuting.
  • It’s the time and money my husband and I are saving by not having to travel into the office.
  • My single favorite thing about working from home is that I do not have to mess with the traffic jam in the morning but still being able to start my working day early.
  • My favorite thing is that I don’t have to use the car.
  • Think of all the money you save because of not using the car or public transport!
  • It’s avoiding the traffic jam. On a daily basis, I used to need 90’-120’ for my transportation to and from office.
  • I achieve a much better work-life balance when I work from home (less traffic so I gain quality time).
  • Now, I am taking advantage of this extra free time [by skipping the commute], in order to do some activities I hadn’t enough time before, such as running and reading.

Theme Two: The home-working experience!

  • I find myself to be a lot more productive too as the distractions/interruptions are a far less than being in a busy office.
  • I can watch the wildlife in my garden.
  • Also I get to have music playing in the background! Homeworking ROCKS!!!
  • I am able to work in the balcony breathing fresh air, having a natural view, and listening to birds singing!
  • Spending more time with family (and less driving).
  • I have the opportunity to spend more time with my family.
  • I love the comfort of working from my sofa.
  • I love using my digitizer for remote presentations!
  • I like working with a view (either by the window or on the balcony).
  • Being able to set my own hours allows me to work when I am most alert (more flexibility).
  • There are fewer interruptions from meetings and chitchat/drop-bys, so I gain productivity.
  • My favorite thing is that I feel much closer to my family and their daily routines
  • Working with the view of my plants.
  • Seeing the outdoors from my home office window.
  • Having an array of leftovers to choose from for lunch every day!
  • It’s all about perspective; well my favorite "point of view" is a big window with an open view or even the balcony when the weather allows it!
  • I love that I am able to do push-ups for stretch anytime I want.

Given these comments, it’s no wonder that so many people love working-from-home, and experience some very positive aspects that it brings to their life. Thanks again to our Digital Envoy community for contributing their thoughts and ideas to this discussion.

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Atos has invested in many years of experience, innovation and expertise in home working and distributed teams through its acquisition of Unify in 2016. Many of our own teams have been distributed or home-based for years and our own understanding of how virtual teams tick helps to shape the communication and collaboration solutions that we provide to customers. Let us know if you need help deploying team communications and collaboration.

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