Strong Customer Satisfaction as we deploy the 1000th Circuit Meeting Room with Siemens

We recently celebrated the 1000th Circuit Meeting Room deployment with Siemens AG, and were pleased to receive positive feedback about the solution and the rollout. Working with a variety of Siemens departments, we achieved our goal of making the deployment of CMR simple and user-friendly.

The CMR pilot began at Siemens in October 2016 with 36 suites. The global roll-out took place starting in 2018, and today there are 1,400 CMRs deployed globally for Siemens, with an additional 500 rooms already in the pipeline.

These CMRs are deployed with standard hardware and typically two screens plus high-quality audio and video unit. In some cases, additional digital tools such as interactive whiteboards are also provided.

According to Siemens, the key advantage of CMR is how straightforward the solution is to operate. Previous solutions they’d used were more complex and did not integrate into users’ daily communications environment. With CMR, users can invite participants to a session without worrying in advance whether participants would be at the office or remote for the meeting. Also, CMR is easy to use and works the same regardless of location, so users don’t need special knowledge to get up and running.

Additionally, the use of two screens makes it possible to show both a presentation on one screen and the meeting space on the other. With the capability to view both the presentation and remote colleagues simultaneously, meetings are simpler, more efficient and more creative. Since standard USB peripherals are used, it’s also easy for Siemens to upgrade cameras without having to replace the full installation.

According to Siemens’ data, the use of CMRs is constantly increasing and is much greater than previous solutions. We look forward to continuing to work with them to expand the deployment to even more users.

Feedback from Rainer Karcher, in Siemens’ Global IT organization, sums up the widespread positive reaction to CMR:

"The flexibility of the solution and the open design ultimately persuaded us to modernize Siemens AG's entire communication structure using Circuit. Ever higher satisfaction levels among our colleagues and the feedback that reaches us every month via standardized worldwide surveys confirm what the indicators for Circuit suggest. Circuit – especially Circuit Meeting Room – simplifies cooperation, brings widely dispersed teams closer together and provides a very convenient way to fit relevant activities into the working day."

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