Atos Unify’s Steps to Sustainable Products and Services

As a leader in communication and collaboration solutions, Atos Unify recognizes this comes with the responsibility to measure and achieve a broad set of environmental goals while helping build more resilient and responsive organizations.

Four directives describe the Atos Unify journey to decarbonization and sustainability:  

  • Environmental integrity;  
  • Competitive advantage creation;  
  • Risk reduction; 
  • Cost reduction mainly through emissions capping.  

These efforts target both the devices and services developed by Atos Unify. We keep an eye on sustainable, resource-sparring use of raw materials, and environmentally-friendly production in compliance with the environmental management system criteria 

Our responsibility to the environment comes in active steps to meet internationally recognized criteria. Atos Unify is certified with two of the leading voluntary ecolabels – Energy Star and Blue Angel.  

Energy Star

Energy Star is the USA Environmental Protection Agency symbol for energy efficiency. The label makes it easy for consumers and businesses to identify high-quality, energy-efficient products, ultimately saving money and protecting the earth’s climate. The latest Atos Unify products to earn Energy Start certification include nearly all members of the Atos Unify OpenScape Desk Phone CP Family: 110/200T/205/210/400/400T/600/700/ 700X/710. 

Blue Angel Logo

Blue Angel is an initiative of the German government certifying environmentally friendly products and services. It is the first and oldest environment-related label and Atos Unify is proud to be the first company to fulfill the highest standards of the certificate with its VoIP telephones. The Blue Angel is a symbol of high energy efficiency, well planned use of materials and a friendly recycling concept. The most recent Atos Unify phones to earn this certificate include Atos Unify OpenScape Desk Phone CP 110/210/710. 


Regarding services, Atos Unify’s Operate and Support Services allow clients to optimize their internal IT and support resources by leveraging our remote support solutions, ultimately minimizing carbon footprint. A customer can choose the extent to which they balance in-house resources with services from Atos Unify to help meet their decarbonization targets. 

Additionally, our Adoption & Enabling Services help clients achieve their desired outcomes by planning, measuring, and reviewing levels of adoption of unified collaboration and communication solutions.  This helps ensure Atos Unify’s solutions continue to deliver expected outcomes, including defined carbon-reducing requirements, environments, and carbon-efficient working practices.

For more information about how Atos Unify can help support your sustainability initiatives, please contact us at

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