Remote classroom: Learning in the digital age with LMS integrations

Posted on: Apr 29, 2021 by Mark Smith

As virtual classrooms and online learning have become part of daily life for many teachers and students, having the right technology to support this is critical. A big part of a great online learning experience is the smooth coordination of lessons. While Unify Office brings the capabilities of secure video lessons, group/class messaging and phone, there are other great tools that educators rely on to deliver high quality teaching. That’s why we are excited to share that the LTI integration for Unify Office by RingCentral is now globally available. It offers integrations for a range of widely used learning management applications such as Canvas and Blackboard. 

remote classroom

Secure learning environment

Keeping data and interactions private and secure is our priority. That’s why Unify Office for LTI follows the LTI 1.3 standards - with the latest security practices for authentication (OAuth 2.0) and message exchange between Unify Office and your LMS, as recommended by IMS Global Consortium. So teachers and students can rest assured that their data and interactions are safe while using the integration.

Take your virtual classroom to the next level

Virtual teaching - no matter where, no matter when

Schedule and host one-off meetings, recurring lessons or drop-in sessions. Keep one-on-one meetings private by setting a password. 

Intuitive online classroom

Students can access meeting information and join meetings directly from their LMS. That means they can prepare for upcoming classes and easily review previous meetings and topics. By enabling the “join before host” function, teachers can assign and manage virtual study groups for greater collaboration.

Efficiently manage lessons

One view for all upcoming and previous meetings provides instant understanding  of which topics have been covered when and which lessons still need to be scheduled.

Teachers can:

  • Easily schedule and manage meetings directly from within the LMS platform
  • Utilise meeting passwords for additional security
  • View a summary of upcoming and previous meetings and lessons

Students can:

  • View upcoming classes or meetings
  • Join a virtual class or meeting
  • View previous classes or meetings

unify office

Get started in 3 simple steps

Unify Office can be connected to multiple learning management systems through our intuitive self-service portal. The integration currently supports Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, and Brightspace by D2L. Once an admin has connected the LMS to Unify Office for LTI, teachers and other users are ready to go.

1.    Signing in

Navigate to the Unify Office tab and hit “Sign in” to connect your Unify Office account to your LMS.

unify office lms

2.    Scheduling meetings

Get a complete view of your upcoming sessions in the ‘My meetings’ tab. Choose to join, copy the meeting link, edit, or delete your meeting.

Set your meeting: choose your video, audio, and meeting options, and touch or click on  ‘schedule’ to confirm the meeting.

unify office schedule meeting

3.    Set up recurring meetings

You can easily schedule recurring meetings with a daily, weekly, or monthly cadence. Recurring meetings can be edited at any time by clicking on the meeting in the ‘My meetings’ tab.

unify office ocurring meeting

System requirements

  • Premium or Ultimate package required
  • Applications currently supported include Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and Brightspace by D2L.
  • All latest versions of browsers supported

Our expertise is more than just video meetings. Atos can strengthen the link between students, teachers, parents, and classrooms to allow for greater collaboration, problem solving, and benefit sharing between all parties.

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