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Posted on: Oct 13, 2017 by Paula Neame

Circuit Review 2017

If you are familiar with my blogs, then this Paula’esque style review will not be a shock. To anyone unfamiliar – welcome to the world according to Paula.

So what exactly is Circuit?

So, imagine all your social media chat, and your facetime, and your calendar requests, and your file sharing, storage, history… oh! And your recording… and tagging… and unified communications… and teamwork… and carrier grade voice all in one! That’s it in a nutshell. An app for smartphone or desktop that brings everything together. It even has emojis.

Apart from being the first business collaboration tool of its type (yes... first… I was there!), it is also incredibly secure, and constantly evolving.

But what else can it do? Over the last few years I have really tested this out. New work project? How can circuit work for ME?

  • Project management… a doddle.
  • Event coordination – a synch!
  • Remote working ... an absolute dream (and I have practised this one a LOT!)

First contact resolution… yup – it has streamlined my working day beyond recognition. No more wasted time waiting for people to respond to email.

I had tried to break it – I really have, but it’s a robust little critter. I have used it for managing global events – juggling agencies and work streams – but it all worked perfectly. I have been into the settings and switched every available feature on – and I can almost hear the mocking as Circuit whispers ‘you won’t catch me out!’.

The ‘producty bit’.

  • Available on iOS and Android, phones and watches, Windows and Macs.
  • Multiple languages.
  • Endless app integration possibilities.
  • Telephony and voicemail.

And available as a free version! (Subject to usage limitations, terms and conditions apply), but with various subscription levels – to a maximum of a semi decent bottle of Malbec per user per month.

Cons of this product.

Hmmm… apart from the fact that my work rate is through the roof and now people expect that (even before my second cup of coffee of the day), it’s actually alright. There are a lot of conversations, but I cannot really blame Circuit for that – I am either very busy or just nosy. Let’s go with busy (in case the boss is reading this!).

Compare and contrast.

This is the bit where I compare Circuit to its competition. Here I struggle as I haven’t had the chance to really test others and try and break them.

I do know however that delivering OpenScape Cloud (collaboration tool Circuit including telephony connectivity) is one deliverable. That’s it – where I know that with many others this simply isn’t the case – it’s an app for this, an app for that and the dots are connected along the way. Not quite as seamless as Circuit.

Who is it for?

This review isn’t getting any easier – it is for everyone! Seriously! Tho one man bands might struggle to justify it…

Easy to use for old and young alike.

Small organisations with small teams for efficient collaboration (at the cost of less than a week’s biscuits in the office kitchen – unless the whole office is on a weight loss plan), right up to enormous enterprises who view communications and process flow as a strategic imperative.

Office based staff right through to globally dispersed teams.

Any sector, any line of business (that needs to be contacted!).

From personal shopping concierge services in department stores – through to life saving time efficiencies in healthcare situations.

Note: am currently wracking my brains trying to think of an industry that COULDN’T use Circuit... will let you know if I come up with one!


In my humble opinion (IMHO – I am so down with the kids), Circuit is utterly Fab. It has made such a difference to my work life balance/integration – allowing me to be wherever I need to be – but still be efficient. Allowing management of projects to be transparent, communicative and efficient, and yet still allowing for that personal interaction which is so important in a workplace.

I would have to think twice about working anywhere that didn’t offer flexible working - especially using Circuit. Fact.

My own views are all well and good, but to catch an independent set of reviews online – check out Capterra – see what everyone else thinks of Circuit... or check out this [video] – it seems this Circuit thing really is catching on!

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