Answering the question: Does the desk phone have relevance in today's communication ecosystem?

The ecosystem of tools we use to communicate and collaborate plays a meaningful role in the success of how we connect with each other – whether it be through soft clients for chat, video and screen share or devices like mobile and desk phones – we have more options to help us accomplish more meaningful interactions than ever before.

As disruptive applications like social collaboration mature and vertically specific IoT integrations bring differentiating capabilities to the ecosystem, questions about the role of existing investments like the traditional desk phone and its place in the ecosystem are inevitable – do they still deliver value?

Interestingly, as we see the growth trend of soft clients, such as Unify's UC applications and Circuit, there are customers and users who continue to depend on the desk phone for the haptics, quality, and reliability inherent in the infrastructure, and we are seeing that market returning to growth. One segment is the entry-level SIP phone space. Driven by factors including cloud deployment support and the recognition that “always available” voice communication means a more productive, engaged workplace, so customers are returning to the control, security and quality of the desk phone as a complement to more agile, social collaboration applications - as it’s what their users need to get work done.

OpenScape Desk Phone CP100 

To that end, Unify is announcing the release of a new device targeted specifically at this market. The OpenScape Desk Phone CP100 brings the foundational communication capabilities including a large display, fixed function, and soft labeling keys and is wall mountable out of the box while supporting two standing position options. It’s designed to suit most desktop real estate needs.

This release emphasizes Unify's support of a bimodal approach to communication and collaboration - the resilient, proven and powerful solution capabilities and infrastructure of our voice platforms with the agile, social and multi-modal collaboration platform of Circuit.

In a time of considerable technological disruption, it's easy to lose sight of the capabilities we have around us as we're enticed by the next big thing. With the introduction of the CP100 Unify bring low end options that cost effectively supports users’ needs for resilient voice communication.

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