More Meaningful Meetings with Digital Transformation

In an increasingly digital, social and mobile workplace, how we work, collaborate and contribute continues to undergo significant change. This transformation comes, in part, from the communication IT landscape shift from hardware to software, from proprietary to open, from linear to multi-channel, and from 1:1 to social - the opportunity being more cooperative, smarter and relevant connections.

The flexibility and openness that comes with this technology transformation have led to more fluid and dynamic workflows, putting pressure back on communication technology vendors to help bring people together based on meaningful outcomes, as common experiences like conferencing are seeing fundamental changes in their format, function, and role.

The role of the team call has evolved far beyond gathering around a conference phone, to a convergence of social collaboration and intelligent interactions bringing conferencing to a whole new level. The expectation is technology to orchestrate all of this while also being very simple to use.

Conferencing transformation has meant additional collaborative power but also without technology getting in the way. It's now democratized - once limited to an elite few, due to its expense and overwhelming complexity, it's now simpler to deploy, easier to use and includes the intelligence options to help make meetings more meaningful, with many interpretations of what "meaningful" means, whether using scheduled meeting time more efficiently with prep and follow up done before and after, to using tools that participants are already familiar with so meetings are faster to kick off. Plus, the availability of video conferencing as a form of "social collaboration as a service" means a tremendous value swing for organizations. It means a reduced technology footprint, lower costs, support of off-the-shelf components and the ability to leverage a rapidly changing market as a future proof foundation for ecosystem options.

At part of Atos, we're seeing this transformation unfold in real time through deployments of our Circuit Meeting Room solution in organizations like Siemens AG (where we've recently celebrated our 1000th deployment!), where its power and simplicity have delivered the trifecta of reduced costs, better adoption, and more meaningful meetings. Here's what Michael Tobai, Corporate Finance at Siemens AG had to say about how it supports his department's digital transformation effort:

"Circuit Meeting Room (CMR) is an important part of our Digital Tax Transformation initiative, intended to align us with the new way of working. The technical capabilities of CMR are exactly what our virtual teams need. We are pleased to be part of the team celebrating the 1000th deployment of CMR and use the very latest technology to bring virtual collaboration to a whole new level.”

Over the coming week, we'll share additional insights from the Siemens AG team that continues to deploy and use Circuit Meeting Room, and how it's helped achieve specific business goals with next level conferencing.

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