March update: We‘re making it easier to connect!

Posted on: Mar 26, 2018 by Philipp Bohn

One key ambition with our March update was to make it easier for you to stay in touch with your colleagues on Circuit. Specifically, we have heard your feedback on how user presence is displayed in Circuit and implemented a few tweaks and changes:

Enhanced display of presence status in Circuit

Enhanced presence visibility: We firmly believe presence states and display in Circuit should be simple but found it makes sense to add a few nuances. You can now see presence indication for all presence states, namely busy/do not disturb (red), away (yellow), online (green).

New busy icon: You will now be able to see straight away if a user is on a call with our new busy icon.

Enhanced Out Of Office display: Observing users and see how they “hack” the system to meet their needs is one of the strongest drivers of product evolution. In Circuit, we saw users adding Out of Office-messages to their usernames when traveling or on vacation, indicating a need for change in our interface. With our update, you can now see if the user you want to talk to has set an OOO-message in Outlook before you send them a message in Circuit. Note: The person viewing your profile needs Exchange connected from their Circuit client.

Helping our partners help our customers

Tenant administration for partners on behalf of customers: Our partner ecosystem is a key part of our go-to-market strategy for Circuit. One specific request we got from our channel partners has been to help them help their customers better. This is particularly relevant in earlier trial phases with Circuit, where new customers might require some handholding and support. With our current update, Circuit partners and resellers can now more easily perform tenant administration tasks on behalf of their customers.

Driving inclusion in the workplace

We are continuously working to make Circuit more accessible for visually impaired users. Circuit is now compliant with WCAG 2.0 Level A requirements for the following interface elements: Labels, titles, and headers tabbing order and skip navigation. Circuit has also resolved all major keyboard traps.

Special thanks and shout out to our Atos colleagues Neil Milliken and Antonio Santos for their ongoing support in this important area!

Additional capabilities with our current update

Additional sreenshare option for moderators: As you know, we introduced a moderator role some time ago to give you more control over what people can and cannot do in your conversations. When a moderator is already sharing his or her screen, non-moderators can no longer take over the screen share. Note that non-moderators can still share when no one else is sharing.

Tenant configuration for mute on entry: As a Circuit user you know that participants joining a conferencing session are muted by default, which can lead to confusion based on user expectations and preferences. Administrators can now configure mute on entry settings for their tenant.

Circuit for Outlook: Our Exchange connector for Firefox and Internet Explorer now also supports Outlook 365. You can download the Circuit for Outlook plugin for Windows PC in the settings menu under “extensions”.

Please also remember to update your iOS and Android apps to get the most recent features and fixes on your mobile.

Thank you for using Circuit, and let us know what you think about Sprint 92!

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