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Posted on: Apr 30, 2021 by Peter Wenger

Work from home is here to stay, and Unify Video features are rapidly innovating to keep up with the latest trends with the launch of virtual backgrounds - including GIF and video backgrounds! Some of us had at home workstations pre-COVID-19, but others of us might not have that luxury. If you’re worried about your makeshift office background in virtual meetings, worry no more. Video meeting platforms have options for you to conceal your backdrop. From blurring to iconic locations, or just plain color – they have it all.

unify videos backgrounds

Recently, there's been a lot of buzz about fun and creative backgrounds for your virtual meetings. Not only do they hide the view behind you but they can have very valid sales & marketing use cases in making us more effective at our jobs. For example, marketers can leverage a virtual background to promote a new product launch.

unify video backgrounds

Sales can use a virtual background to professionally present their brand while doing a sales pitch to a customer. Always be ready to represent your company to suppliers/customers/partners professionally through virtual backgrounds, or represent your partner/supplier internally at your company through using their branded virtual backgrounds.

Today’s meetings can take place anywhere and at any time. From office cubicles to busy airports and even messy bedrooms, employees want to look professional regardless of where they work.

Here are some of the most realistic virtual backgrounds that have just the right perspective that will make your co-workers and colleagues do a double take during your next video conference. Keep a shallow field of depth, the colors simple, and the setting realistic if you want to make people think you're not using a virtual background.

Free virtual backgrounds of libraries and bookcases

Bookcases are a popular option, because they add depth, but also some interest. Faber Books provided several images on Twitter of their favorite libraries around the world. NPR's music background bookcase is another popular option.

Free virtual backgrounds of the great outdoors

Speaking of the great outdoors, that's definitely one way to go, especially with summer arriving. You can tuck yourself onto a patio or deck and yet still appear to be conducting business efficiently.

Harry Potter, anyone?

And then, there's Harry Potter Wizarding World that provides a wide selection of Harry Potter-themed images from Universal Studios Universal Studios in Japan, Orlando or Hollywood. If you want your next meeting to take place in Potions Class or the Room of Requirement, you're set. There are also more subtle Harry Potter backgrounds for a house-themed vibe to appeal to your inner Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw.

And there are also video and GIF backgrounds available

The Virtual Background feature in Unify Video allows participants to use the pre-selected background video, still images, or GIFs. Users can also upload their own virtual background videos or still images from Pexels or via Google search.

unify videos backgrounds

Atos Unify Virtual Backgrounds

  • Prebuilt: Choose from any pre-built backgrounds (conference room, beach, and more) already in Unify Office and Unify Video.
  • Custom: Upload any image (such as corporate branding or even a vacation photo) to use as your virtual background.
  • Blur: Remove any chance of distractions by blurring your entire background.

Why you should try it

  • Fewer distractions: Join meetings from anywhere without distracting your colleagues with a busy or messy background.
  • More privacy: Hide the room behind you, especially if you haven’t cleaned.
  • Add fun: Show off your quirky personality in every meeting.
  • More professional: represent your brand to your customers

Before you can use Virtual Background, ensure you meet system requirements.

Unify Video web and desktop app

To enable Virtual Background during a meeting, follow the steps below:

  1. Click More from the in-meeting controls, then select Virtual background.
  2. Select your preferred background from the list or click the + symbol to add your own image. If applicable, you can also enable the I have a green screen option.

unify video backgrounds

​NOTE: The above settings are accessible in Unify Office / Video web if you want to enable Virtual Background before a meeting. To do this, click the gear icon on the upper-right corner, then select Settings > Virtual background.

Unify Office by RingCentral mobile app

To enable Virtual Background during a meeting using Unify mobile app, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap the More option, then tap Virtual background.
  2. Select from the available background or effects or tap the + symbol to add your own image.

unify video backgrounds

What about your favorite TV shows? Friends, CBS, STARZ, – countless others, have posted shots of their iconic sets for you to use as your meeting background. Check out this list here. And if you’re a massive Disney fan like me, you’ll find Pixar’s twitter thread full of options.

For most people, the key issue is control. If they can present themselves digitally in the way they want to be perceived, rather than be a slave to the idiosyncrasies of the camera, they will be relaxed and engaging.

Augmented reality video conferencing with features like virtual background, video backgrounds or face filters improves our video conferencing experience, limiting distractions while helping us maintain a bit of fun and privacy in this new WFH reality.


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