June update: It‘s sometimes OK to take shortcuts!

Posted on: May 29, 2018 by Darren Gallagher

Keyboard shortcuts:

We‘re never taking shortcuts developing Circuit, but we are introducing a nice little feature that many of you have been requesting from us. We hear you and with this update, you can control all main application functions using keyboard shortcuts!

Please note that you need to activate this feature in your Circuit Labs settings menu. Circuit Labs give us the opportunity to collect feedback before we make select new features available to all users. So if you‘re an early adopter, Labs is for you!

In-app guest:

In the past when Circuit users wanted to join a voice, video or screen share session as external guests, Chrome or Firefox would open a new browser window. As a Circuit user, you can now view the voice call, video or screen share session in your main Circuit client, instead of a separate window.

Pickup group support for Advanced Telephony Connector:

Many customers choose Circuit because of our advanced telephony integration options. After all, cloud collaboration and telephony systems are both realities in businesses, so why not bring them together, protect investments and avoid communication silos? From your Circuit client, you can now get notified for calls in your telephony pickup group and accept the call on your client.

Control your profile visibility:

We hope you are no longer getting any GDPR emails! But security and privacy remain high priorities for us: From your settings, you can now control if people outside of your domain can see your profile information when you are in conversations with them.

By the way, this is how you collaborate with people outside of your domain. “Federation” ensures efficient collaboration with your customers and partners, without having to switch and toggle between separate apps, channels or teams.

Learn more about our latest features:

Finally, links to our feature update posts like this one are now included directly in Circuit‘s “What‘s new” carousel. With our blog posts, you can revisit single sprint updates (98 for those who are counting) at a later time, and share feedback and questions in the comments section.

Like always, thank you for using Circuit and sharing your thoughts and feedback with us!

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