Ensuring business continuity during the crisis: customer stories from the trenches

The ability to implement contingency plans in response to the rapid onset of the COVID pandemic is one of the keys to maintaining business continuity for Atos enterprise customers. From enabling remote working with the right security measures to accessing mission-critical applications – Atos has stepped up the challenge.

We continue to be uplifted by the response our colleagues have embraced to help our clients continue to keep their businesses running. We are proud that our teams are going above and beyond to assist customers. Let’s look at some of our recent work to help our clients quickly adapt and transition their business operations in response to the pandemic:

A major fast-food restaurant chain -needed to get their agents up and running from home, so Atos expanded the VPN network within 36 hours of the request, testing access to their various support tools from agent homes to identify potential issues with latency and headsets. The team also assessed the logistical challenges of transporting office desktops to hundreds of homes while only 20% of agents have personal vehicles and the government ban on public transportation. Within two weeks the team had moved agents with no impact on customer satisfaction or service levels.

A large healthcare physicians association
– needed to create a Virtual Desktop Environment that provides employees access to all required applications to work efficiently from their home PC. Thirty servers were urgently configured to support an incremental 300 remote users. We also helped procure critical hardware (headsets and cameras) for physicians to care for patients using telehealth. Other Atos digital preparations empowered ACP to quickly add COVID-19 updates to their environment, make use of expanded Internet bandwidth, and add 500-600 remote users as needed.

A leading global consumer products company – needed to ensure all current global account delivery centers had access to work from home options. This coordination included providing equipment as needed, ensuring remote access was available, and delivering on all mission-critical projects. The team has not missed a delivery or SLA commitment to-date.

A national gas and electricity utility
–needed to quickly respond to the critical need to equip nearly 25,000 employees with hardware and software as they shifted to a work-from-home model. This task included distribution support of hardware, assistance with communication and connectivity issues, a speedy rollout of security software (reduced from months to a few days), and other necessary items. Dozens of Atos technicians worked onsite in the customer’s offices on the assembly, testing and deploying over 2,000 new devices for remote users.

A large state government organization
– needed to handle the volume of responses due to the business impact of COVID-19, the Atos team quickly provided and configured 1,000 additional soft client licenses for work-from-home instances in support of call center, while the team also created and implemented emergency call processing applications for several agencies to help handle the significant increase of calls. In less than four hours, Atos built and stood up a new site supporting a distribution facility in support of COVID-19 victims.

An industry-leading entertainment company –   Atos teams quickly imaged and deployed over 2,000 work-from-home devices in only two weeks for employees across three regions. To assist with Level 2 support service desk volumes, approximately sixty Atos field technicians pivoted to desk support to help handle an influx of 5,000 calls in one day. Atos received, configured and shipped 1,612 VPN devices in just ten days (eclipsing the “normal” request volume of 250 per year). Our technicians also moved about 2,000 network and PC items to offices before the warehouse lockdown took effect ─ a feat accomplished while having limited site access of just three hours per day. Globally, the customer relied on remote and onsite Atos teams across fourteen countries to support moving 120,000+ employees to remote working arrangements, including the enablement of new IT provisioning and related infrastructure.

These are just a few of the stories around the world – meanwhile, this experience spurs the need for more extensive contingency plans and sources of agility for the post-pandemic (e.g. cloud, automation, redundancy, security) that help our customers stay in business and serve their customers or constituents in times of crisis. Perhaps this is best described by one of our customer executives as an expression of appreciation:

“I am so proud of you all at Atos working through this challenge! There is no better team anywhere on Earth! Thank you. We appreciate your team getting all this done.”

Find out how we can help your distributed team

Atos has invested in many years of experience, innovation, and expertise in home working and distributed teams through its acquisition of Unify in 2016. Many of our own teams have been distributed or home-based for years and our own understanding of how virtual teams tick helps to shape the communication and collaboration solutions that we provide to customers. Let us know if you need help deploying team communications and collaboration.

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