Circuit will switch off in what’s next?

Last year, Atos announced that the Circuit solution would sunset at the end of 2022. Today we want to take a few moments to explain the reasons why, and to provide existing Circuit customers with clear guidance on the next steps program.

Over the last year, we have developed a suite of processes and tools that build a migration program to minimise and mitigate as many potential friction points as possible. The most important of these program's elements is called Next Steps which will ensure that every paid Circuit account ( excluding free accounts for now) has a plan for migration to some of our great new cloud offerings, mainly Unify Video or Unify Office.
Next Steps provides a consultative approach and is designed to ensure that our customers feel a red carpet experience throughout the journey by providing personalised options that enable early decision making, which will deliver a level of certainty and assurance from the start. It’s a great opportunity to benefit from  the latest and greatest in our cloud portfolio offerings.

Circuit Sunsetting

Circuit today delivered functionality for team messaging and video collaboration. With the advent of expanded cloud collaboration technologies during COVID-19, we felt that there were more competitive, comprehensive, and upgraded software clients that we could offer our customers. Atos partnered with RingCentral early in 2020 and within a few short months created Unify Video by RingCentral where customers will instantly be able to access rapid innovation cycles, HD, secure webRTC video meetings, audio conferencing, team messaging, unlimited cloud storage, file sharing, task management, app integrations, industry-leading security and SLAs and more.

2022 may seem like a while away if you’re a Circuit customer, however planning your migration path now will allow you to tailor-fit your needs and migrate with ease. In this blog we’re going to explain what circuit migration is and your options as a customer, giving you the time and information you need to decide.

What options do Circuit customers have?

Unify Video by RingCentral is the natural successor product of Circuit, providing you with an upgraded team messaging and video experience. As Circuit approaches sunset you might be re-evaluating your communications as a whole, so it might be the perfect time to look at another option that includes cloud telephony, Unify Office by RingCentral. Unify Office gives you all the great features of messaging and video, with the added benefit of enterprise-grade cloud telephony.

What is Circuit migration?

Circuit migration is the process of moving from the Circuit app to either Unify Video by RingCentral or Unify Office by RingCentral. We want to make your migration as smooth as possible which is why we have a plan in place to help your account managers review your current environment and define what migration options are best for your organisation.

2022 is next year… Why are we talking about this now?

Moving early will save you time and money, take advantage of migration offers we have activated now, and help you to be fully Circuit independent before the shut-off date. Exclusively for Atos Circuit customers, we’ll price match your Circuit Team and Professional list price for migrating to Unify Video by RingCentral, meaning an improved service and more features for the same price.
This is a time-bound offer, so don’t delay and contact us now!

If you require an even more comprehensive solution, Unify Office by RingCentral has everything you need. Migrate before August 31st, 2021 to receive a 20% discount on subscriptions and 40% off selected devices.

What does Unify Video by RingCentral offer that Circuit doesn’t?

As a Unify Video customer, you will have access to more rapid innovation cycles from RingCentral, a 6x Gartner magic quadrant leader in UCaaS.
Some new features you don’t have on Circuit can enjoy if you migrate to Unify Video today include:

  • Gallery video views (16)
  • Virtual backgrounds (video, GIF and picture)
  • Unlimited file sharing
  • Notes & task management tools
  • Stronger HD video capabilities
  • Larger audio conferencing
  • Huge app Integration ecosystem (240 prebuilt plug and play integrations, 5k custom apps, 50k developer community building on our open APIs/SDKs)
  • Deeper calling analytics
  • Deeper video analytics
  • Deeper application security

And more!

Why consider going full cloud with your communications and upgrade to Unify Office?

  • Easy to buy, easy to set up: Auto-provisioning of VoIP telephones allows for quick installation with no capital expenditure, and with converged voice and data, there are no line rental costs.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Your phone number isn’t tied to a physical location, which allows you global access to your number over the internet. Geographic and international numbers can be redirected to your VoIP phone or softphone, meaning one phone with countless numbers.
  • Disaster Recovery: Where your internet connection fails, RingCentral provides an automatic failover capability to ensure you don’t miss a call.

What happens to the customer records/data when Circuit is switched off? What are the customer rights?

Based on given GDPR rights, customer compliance officer(s) can export complete company data or any individuals based on the need.

Will the data be physically moved during migration? Outside of Germany/Europe?

Today, Circuit has dual data centers, Germany and Belgium. Unify Office and Unify Video have Frankfurt Germany data centers, with some data failover in the Netherlands. No, data will not be moved from Circuit locations. Of course, if a customer chooses to export their data, they have the choice of where they wish to store it.

Are Professional Services included in the Migration offer?

Professional services will be charged as an additional cost if required.

Can ALL customer data be moved to Unify Office? If so, how? What value add will I bring as Unify Office sub-agent and Atos partner?

We have the functionality to start a new Team in Unify Office for a selected Circuit conversation. Users can click a button available for each conversation to move that conversation as Team to Unify Office. But that does not move any chat history or files but a new Team in Unify Office is started with the same name as Circuit conversation and with the same members. For customers who migrate immediately now, there will be an option to keep Circuit as a read-only archive if they want to access historical data for some more time before exporting.

To avoid any potential challenges or risks that the Circuit sunset raises we urge you to act now and together we can develop a fully resourced plan based on your specific needs. The preparation and planning in the near term will increase chances of long-term success in adapting to this new era of communications, as well as reduce the likelihood of being caught in the rush of activity when 2022 arrives.

Need more info?

Request next steps meeting here.

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