Circuit Sprint 138: expanding customer choices

Posted on: Jan 13, 2020 by Lisa Campbell

Happy New Year from the Circuit Team!

From everyone at Circuit and the broader Atos family, here’s wishing you a prosperous and adventurous 2020!

As our first sprint release of 2020, we’re excited to highlight the latest features released with Sprint 138 including more ecosystem integrations with Google and giving users more control over meeting results.

Circuit Sprint 138

We’ve brought Circuit and Google Calendar together!

Expanding customer choices for their collaboration needs and continuing to demonstrate our commitment to our Google partnership we’ve released the add-on for Google Calendar, giving users the ability to create meeting invitations with embedded Circuit conferences right within their Google Calendar.

Better control of real-time meeting content

Something we heard from users of our real-time content creation capabilities like whiteboarding, screen shots etc., was how after meetings the resulting posts to the conversation, while complete, could include unnecessary or inconsistent content compared to meeting results. Now moderators or users, depending on conversation permissions, can edit the resulting content list created in the session, so only the most relevant pieces are kept.

Mention yourself in conversations and keep on top of action items

Many users love the power of the @ symbol for creating action lists, reminders and bringing key points to team members. What we’ve added is the ability to @ yourself, giving contributors the option to include themselves on actions lists.

And there you have it!

More interactive ways to connect to people, things and data so collaboration is more meaningful. It’s a pleasure to bring you up to speed on Circuit’s latest developments. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.

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