Circuit Sprint update: Go with the flow

“It all starts with a conversation” has been our motto since we launched Circuit a few years ago and it still guides our evolution and development, as you can see with our first improvement on our Sprint 130 feature list.

New conversation flow: With our current sprint, we are introducing a new, clearer and more flexible flow for starting a conversation. If you hit the + symbol at the bottom left, in the first step of the flow, you can choose to start a 1:1 or group conversation or create a community that‘s open to anyone. If activated for your system, you can also schedule a Circuit Event for up to 1000 concurrent participants.

Kuando Busylight integration: We have realized another innovation with our partner Kuando through an integration of their Busylight presence indicator. With this integration, you can make your Circuit availability visible in your physical space. So if you‘re working on an open office setting, colleagues can easily see if you‘re busy in a call and don‘t want to be disturbed or free to have a chat or answer a question.

Note: You can activate Plantronics Status Indicator integration in your Circuit Labs settings menu.

Large topic reply view: Circuit is great for quick 1:1 or group chats. But for bigger topics, you sometimes need more space, for example when you and your team are working on a more complex customer proposal. To make it easier to create large, rich replies to posts you can now expand the field to give you more room.

Voicemail – greeting only: So far there were two types of Circuit users–those with or without voicemail activated (I belong to the latter). Now we make room for a third type: You can now switch your voicemail to greeting only mode where callers hear your greeting but are not given the option to leave a message. This is helpful when you want to let callers know when you‘re out of office for a longer while and want to avoid returning to dozens of outdated voice messages.

As always, thank you for using Circuit and feel free to reach out to me through Circuit and let me know what you think of our improvements or if you have any questions.

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About Philipp Bohn

VP Circuit at Unify and CEO of blueKiwi
Philipp is VP Circuit and CEO of blueKiwi Software at Atos. In previous roles at Unify, he worked as Chief of Staff and in strategy planning. As an industry analyst at Berlecon Research, his focus has been on enterprise communication technology and digital media. Philipp holds a degree in business administration from University of Mannheim.

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