Vacation relaxation: Reduce your out-of-office stress level with Circuit

It’s summer season in large parts of the Northern hemisphere, but no time to rest for Circuit: Welcome to Sprint 128!

Unlimited snooze time: Are you on holiday and still need to be on Circuit occasionally to check for updates in your most important conversations, or for a quick call with your team or customer? We all seem to be guilty of checking in on work during vacation, as this classic PhD Comics strip illustrates. If you can‘t avoid being online for a while, our unlimited snooze timer sends a clear signal to your colleagues that you don‘t want to be disturbed while you‘re away.

Zoom images: When viewing images shared in conversations, you can now zoom in to see more details. While this is a useful capability for any user, it is particularly important for visually impaired users. This is another important step in our ongoing effort to make Circuit more accessible and drive inclusion in the digital workplace.

Bots for incoming webhooks: When configuring an incoming webhook to post messages to a Circuit conversation, you can now select a dedicated bot to appear as the author of the messages. The bot needs to be created by your administrator.

Delete all call history entries: You can now delete all call history entries based on the selected call history filter.

As always, thank you for using Circuit and feel free to reach out to me through Circuit and let me know what you think or if you have any questions.




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VP Circuit at Unify and CEO of blueKiwi
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