Circuit Collaboration Ecosystem Continues to Grow

We’re excited to announce what’s new to Circuit with Sprint 126, and its emphasis on more ecosystem options for users.

Let’s begin with updates supporting our strategic partnership with Google. With Sprint 126 we’ve released a dedicated Gmail Circuit addon, now available in the Google store. This addon delivers seamless interaction between Circuit and Gmail including starting Circuit conversations or scheduling conferences with email participants directly from Gmail.

We’ve also expanded the availability of whiteboarding to all iOS and Android clients so now more participants can type notes, draw, or import images to a canvas during an active conference. This includes mobile clients as well as our own Circuit Meeting Room, where whiteboards can now be actively edited during video conferencing sessions. More active participants mean more diverse contribution, regardless of how users connect.

What’s new in Circuit Labs?

Firstly, we’ve enhanced incoming webhooks characterization to include the choice of either posting messages as the user who configured the webhook or as a dedicated bot. This help’s with clarity surrounding the source of content.

Next up, we continue to evolve the nature of conversational flow by relocating the choices to the top of the screen once the “+” button is selected. Users have increased flexibility to navigate between conversation options, as well as improved efficiency from automatic selection of the conversation type based on how it’s constructed (while also greying out choices that don’t fit).

Thirdly, we’ve expanded our IoT connectivity options to include Kuando Busylight integration, offering visual or audio presence indication to help office users to keep focus, reduce interruptions or quickly identifying available resources.

And finally, to help keep call logs clean we’ve added a “delete all” button on the history page.

Additions to the Circuit SDK

We’ve also added more call control and conversation elements to our SDK access including:

  • Telephony call forwarding: redirect calls to a person of choice when out of office or unavailable
  • Conversation list: bring it to other applications so users remain connected to topics while focusing on other applications
  • Conversation chat: embed specific conversation chat windows into applications to connect users with specific topics and participants

For more Circuit SDK information visit our developer community page at

And there you have it – more connections to people and things in more meaningful ways! It’s a pleasure to bring you up to speed on Circuit’s latest improvements. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

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